Storm warning announced in Ingushetia

Squally winds of up to 25 meters per second and strong thunderstorms are expected in Ingushetia in the next day, declared a storm warning, told RIA Novosti the Republican GUMCHS.

"According to the North Caucasus regional center, from 1 to 2 July in Ingushetia expect strong thunderstorms with hail and squally wind increasing to 20-25 m / s. There is a possibility of emergency situations involving damage to communication and power lines, disturbances in transport, road and utility services, increasing the number of road accidents, "- said the source.

According to RIA Novosti, the representative of the Government of Ingushetia, still remains a challenging situation in Jeirakh area of the country where the elements hit 16-19 June caused great damage agricultural land, infrastructure, state-owned enterprises, private buildings. Rivers burst their banks and flooded all the settlements were the mountainous region. Residents of several villages were cut off by a couple of days from the mainland, and essential goods delivered to them through the air. According to preliminary data, the rampant disaster caused damage to the country at between 1.5 billion.

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