Subscription to periodicals in schools: under the order, under duress

We continue the theme of school fees. It is no secret that both students and teachers forced to subscribe to certain periodicals. As far as it is authorized?

The other day, the parents of first-graders 23rd Ming came to the school PTA meeting, where the teacher told them what to write three publications: magazines "Rainbow", "Swing" and the newspaper "Young lifesaver." Mother tells Mrs. Christina graders:

"In fact, we were told that there is such an order — write the three editions. So decide, the way we organize this fundraiser. "

Parents, of course, the question arose: why these publications? Mother graders Mrs. Christine continues:

"Regarding the" Raduga "especially nobody resented because it is the only Belarusian-language magazine. And even the "Junior Lifeguard" did not cause problems, because a lot of the guys in the class, and the topic of interest to them. But the magazine "Swing" — in Russian, it is not interesting for the kids. But it turned out that these issues are binding vypisvannya. So we decided to just parent meeting to figure out the issue to the end. We decided to write a letter to all possible instances. "

Depending on the school-age children, and the list of publications can vary, but the fact that teachers make to ensure a subscription — it's a fact that they support:

"Officially they are not even allowed to take a penny from the parents. So for whose money I'll send 5 copies of "Junior Lifeguard" 5 — "awkward age"? Required to subscribe to newspapers, no one needs. "

Mother graders 23rd gymnasium Mrs. Christine realizes that if parents do not agree to sign, it will be forced to make the teacher not to have trouble:

"Many parents have experienced this at other schools. Usually, it ends up being a teacher quietly themselves out of their money is all discharged than to cause some sort of a wave of protests from parents. Publishing these never failed to reach the children, immediately went to the trash.

Publishing these never failed to reach the children, immediately went to the trash.

There have been cases where the parents simply bring a receipt for the publications that they write for themselves. "

Parents of pupils 23rd gymnasium written request to the Minister of Education Alexander Radkov, in the Education Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee, the editor of magazines and newspapers. The request five questions, such as:

• Does my parents subscribe to any periodicals?
• Based on what legal acts?
• How and who maintains a list of publications?
• Do the parents have the right to refuse the proposed subscription?
• In the event of failure of the parents, which provides for sanctions against class leaders?

Mother schoolboy Mrs. Olga says:

"Well, at least that way we rid our teacher on the pressure. It will have a written response that the parents of her class have made a written request. Maximum task — I would like to draw the conclusion that it is necessary to make quality magazines that children themselves are willing to read, not that I will be with all sorts of dancing with a tambourine to offer. Well, let me admire you, and you listen. "

Head of the School of Education Ministry of Education Yuri Gladkov, that a push subscription assured Radio Liberty:

"We had such direct orders not presented as we understand that then we laughed."

Reporter"But the teachers are moaning that they are made, and they have to write for my money …"

"Ministry of Education does not force teachers. Do not force anyone Ministry of Education. "

Yuri Gladkov advised to clarify further in the Office of Social and educational work of the Ministry of Education. Head of Department Yuri Emelianenko, that until specific publications, put it this way:

"As for the" swing "and" Rainbow "never any letters of support, the more obliged to write these books, we will not send."

Reporter"But teachers and parents complain that they make to prescribe certain editions. At what level then this "coercion" is when the Ministry of Education this has nothing to do? "

"If we do not have a relationship — and I am quite competent about it I can assure you — then, of course, this is done at the level of some of the executive branch of power. At that, I'll just say I can not. "

Thus, comes the distribution list. Maybe the Ministry of Education and vows to the contrary, but the police department of Education, probably, are not out of the air takes.

Chief inspector of a district education departments Irina admits:

"Yes, comes the distribution list. Maybe the Ministry of Education and vows to the contrary, but the police department of Education, probably, are not out of the air takes. As soon as the subscription campaign for the school district department of education comes from the distribution list of departmental and individual subscriptions. They pointed out how many issues a department (a department, of course, at the expense of the state budget prescribes the minimum: one "Sovetskaya Belorussia", even some "Enlightenment"), and the rest — individual subscription. "

Moreover, a certain number of publications are required to write the teachers themselves, a certain number of razmyarkovvayuts into classes, said an official in one of the District Department of Education:

"Education Minsk Oblast '- we' obyazalovke." Norm — a magazine for 10 teachers. We usually write down on its methodological associations. Each trash on "Education Minsk Oblast ', which we have the most scandalous. "Teacher's newspaper" yet somehow people are subscribed to at least one month. On the class — "awkward age", "The Banner of youth", well, those still at least by 5 to 4. Well, this "mega-hit" "Young Rescuer" forced all 15 copies, but we usually "beat" to 12 ".

By the way, while parents 23rd school responded to their request only spokesman of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Vitaly Novitsky, who promised to investigate, as the MOE did not give schools advice subscribe to the "Junior Lifeguard" and give clear explanations later.

Chief Editor of "Swing" Emilia Lucan a push subscription does not know anything and even offended:

"What do you mean" force "? Many years fought for a magazine, and now they say" force. "Number is 3000 per month and we have not raised prices. Offensively We even hear that they make to subscribe. When forced — it is not necessary . "

The point, of course, not three thousand rubles. According to Olga's mother's first-graders, at this age children have not yet fun to read, for example, the same "Swing", which are designed for older. Moreover, in its view, the Belarusian children's magazines can not compete when compared with others:

"My child Belarusian-primarily focused on imaging and on some interesting comics when it comes to the same Fair magazine, I believe, first grab any" Smyasharykav, "" Cars "or" Spaydermenav "because it does another level of printing and supply of materials is another. "

Parents did not object to subscribe or buy the kiosks kiddies' Belsajuzdruk "newspapers and magazines. They are only for the fact that thes
e books were interesting. And then there be no compulsion.


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