Surikov: Lukashenko wins by a wide margin

Alexander Surikov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia to Belarus, during his visit to the Altai in an interview with "Free Course" shared his views on the causes of recriminations between the heads of Belarus and Russia.

"Free rate": How is the work on the creation of a single economic space and the Customs Union?

Surikov: The most important thing — the union is created, is now in the process of grinding. Integration processes are developed: turnover grows kaaperatsyynyya in the economy too. Of course, not without roughness. Sometimes it is, unfortunately, a lot of noise. For example, Belarus would like to see, we have eliminated the customs duty on crude oil and petroleum products. We say that we are ready to do it, if we create a common economic space, the conditions in the oil and gas planes are equal. There is a discussion — as long as the creation of a single economic space is January 1, 2012, would be used.

"Free rate": How is the discussion of this question?

Surikov: Very fruitful, although we still expect difficulties. Because, for example, in Kazakhstan, Russia and the economy more market-oriented than in Belarus, where the largely dominant state ownership. I think that with access to a common economic space current discussions which witnesses are including Russian TV viewers, especially the NTV channel, will be removed. Countries perfectly side by side, make friends, all activities are integrated properly, but not without friction, sometimes resulting in such bursts.

"Free rate": Do you expect any serious consequences of this confrontation between the two leaders?

Surikov: We do not anticipate the consequences are not going to interfere in the electoral process. And we, the European Union and the United States converge in the forecasts that one major candidate — Alexander Lukashenko — win an objective, predictable and by a wide margin. When the Belarusian side began to escalate information, invited the order of hundreds of print and electronic media started to say not very nice things, we also began to say not very nice things. Because bilateral issues should be negotiated as expected, in the interstate format. Need to sit down at the negotiating table and decide. And do not complain to reporters.

"Free rate": Why is it so wrong?

Surikov: Apparently, because each person has his own character: one more expansive, the other more easygoing. There is resentment: somewhere we do not meet the desire of the Belarusian side. We really can not always satisfy them. The relationship should be built on mutual, equitable and market-based. But sometimes requires one party to benefit only themselves. It should not be.

"Free rate"How will it affect your performance during the exacerbation of relations?

SurikovEmbassy does not make decisions in different arrangements. This case is the president, prime minister or the government. We just please be my point of view. And will our or Belarusian authorities to follow this point of view — this is a question …

"Free rate": There was talk of a possible revocation of your Minsk Moscow …

SurikovAbout this speech was not. Someone thinks time such statements were, they would withdraw ambassadors. But we're not that far gone. Russian-Belarusian relations, except barbs in speeches, much good.

"Free rate"Still, you have to solve in this period?

Surikov: Enjoy a little. When Belarus is looking for Russian channels movies about "Father" … I think it's also not very good in terms of bringing opinion.

"Free rate"Statement by the President of our video blog as it was perceived?

Surikov: OK. I understand resentment of the Belarusian side. But it was a response to the press conference Alexander G. Russian journalists, where it was said a lot of trouble to address our leadership. Exchanged barbs, it has now become calmer.

"Free rate": For how long?

Surikov: Maybe forever. If there is an understanding on both sides of the resolution rules inconsistencies. I think it is beginning to emerge.

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