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Left parties propose a candidate for the presidency of cooperation on its own platform socio-economic and political changes. Along the campaign "For Fair Elections" initiated the appeal of the participants of the presidential race in the Central Election Commission with a proposal to provide round the clock duty at a number of polling stations across Belarus.

Proposal of Democratic candidates to work together on the basis of the platform of Left parties leader "Fair World" Sergei Kalyakin explained that these parties do not have a candidate for the presidency, but not indifferent to the fate of the country. Sergei Kalyakin stressed that the Belarusian left open to working together and with the current authorities, but do not believe in their reform:

Sergei Kalyakin

"In principle, if the power to consider our proposals and will go on a profound reform of the political system, as part of this reform — it's free and fair elections — we are ready to cooperate with the authorities. But, in our view, there is no progress in terms of liberalization and transparency of the electoral process does not exist. "

In these days to presidential candidates often turn to the proposals. One of them, Yaroslav Romanchuk, said he had received several offers to work together:


"The most active — entrepreneurs: there is a date with associations of small and medium-sized businesses. I know their suggestions, and they have long been integrated into my master's program. Invited to his collection even individual entrepreneurs. I'm good to such proposals, in order to reflect the needs of different social groups. Therefore, the more activity in humans, the better. "

In addition, today the company "For Fair Elections" appealed to the CEC on behalf of Democratic presidential candidates with a proposal to provide four-hour duty and control of a number of polling stations of the country.

Viktor Kornienko

One of the coordinators of the campaign Viktor Kornienko"We are well aware of the occurrence of fraud — at night. This was confirmed by Colonel Kozlov. So we want to invite the authorities of another chance: if you want to These elections look different than the past, then please make that possible. But we are not dreamers, we know that it is not for developing mechanisms rigged to break them right away. Well — we have another proof of the fact that the authorities are not going to fundamentally change the electoral system, which created ".

According to Viktor Kornienko, if the CEC will accept the offer and give permission to organize around the clock monitoring of polling stations, the control will be organized in 250 voting locations throughout Belarus.


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