Tereshchenko promised economic miracle, Romanchuk was trying not to scare

Speeches of the candidates for president on the radio began with performances Viktor Tereshchenko and Yaroslav Romanchuk. First impressions: Tereshchenko acted more radically than expected Ya.Romanchuk — more bearable. The impressions divided columnist Vitaly Tsigankov.

The first speaker Victor Tereshchenko. It was felt that he had read prepared text, but the candidate's artistry in his voice is clearly not enough, he does not know how to emphasize the very important things intonation. It is interesting that all reservations were heard on the air, they do not cut.

From the speech Tereshchenko just impressed that he promised, we will show the world a new economic miracle, He said that he knows how do it, as shares of Belarusian enterprises will become the main means of accumulation. About the candidate's motivation Tereshchenko we know little: some say he is a sparring partner for Alexander Lukashenko, and from this point of view, as for me, because he acted reasonably in opposition. Stated that the manual control system has exhausted itself, that prices are rising.

Victor Tereshchenko

However, he stressed that there is opposition candidates that he is for the fraternal alliance with Russia — today, tomorrow and forever — though in the morning it sounds pretty opposition.

He talked about the fact that we, Belarus, ourselves become to offer loans, cash investments to other countries. Summing this, as well as statements that will be canceled paid education that will cancel the labor contracts, tolls school that will decrease taxes — I was reminded of the modern Russian films about the election of these political technologies: so unreal sometimes heard some promises.

Each candidate chooses the strategy of behavior and performance today Yaroslav Romanchuk was quite revealing: he emphasized that "I am not a radical, I'm not a revolutionary, I am for dialogue between the public and the authorities."

In this case, had quite a lot of criticism of the government, he did not criticize even more power, and promote their program "A million new jobs", and its main motto is: "Keep the best, build new." He said that his program — a program of the future, and the program of power — a program of stagnation. But his whole speech was aimed at ensuring that people were not afraid of the terrible radical reformer Yaroslav Romanchuk. "People are afraid of change, because my own experience, it was in the 90s, and I do not I want to have these changes, which have been in Russia, I would like to have other changes "- and then he cited positive examples of Poland and Slovakia.

Yaroslav Romanchuk

I think Yaroslav Romanchuk wants to be understood wider audience, not only the opposition electorate, and it is for the audience it was aimed more tolerable performance.

From the point of view of building I liked that Yaroslav of the first words said about himself that forto do Tereshchenko: who he is, where he studied how many languages do you speak, wrote 8 books, etc., reminded myself at the end, so it was built palittehnalyagichny quite competently. But the main thing — the desire not to scare your program, make sure that as a result of its economic reforms, life will be better and more interesting.


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