The airship has opened up new capabilities for the U.S. missile defense system

During their time in the countryside landfill Utah Test for the first time anti-aircraft missiles Patriot PAC-3 using the airship JLENS successfully managed to make the interception of cruise missiles, reports

The airship has opened up new opportunities for the U.S. missile defense system

So Makar, with promising detection of low-flying stealth targets JLENS in the 1st component of the missile defense of the United States of America, new abilities.

Back in 2004, anti-aircraft missile system, PAC-3 demonstrated the ability for knocking down cruise missiles. Then one rocket PAC-3 was able to successfully perform the interception of low-flying target MQM-107D. But to successfully intercept cruise missiles to detect them in time. It is a difficult task because of the small effective area of scattering missiles and low-altitude flight. For this reason, the actual combat criteria intercept cruise missile with the PAC-3 air defense system will be faster fortune.

Thanks to the airship JLENS the situation may change dramatically. System JLENS, which was developed by Raytheon, is a bunch of 2-balloon length of 74 meters. With the first balloon ascent is a surveillance radar at a height of 3000 meters, thereby providing a 360-degree view at a distance of hundreds of miles over land and sea. With the help of another airship, Curb radar fire control, guidance may be different for the purposes of air defense systems: land-based air defense missile systems, fighter planes, ships. With all of this on each airship can install other communications and sensor systems.

In February of this year, the system JLENS successfully carried out the first test trial. This again proves the effectiveness and correctness of the chosen concept. Airships are able to provide supervision for a long time and reliable detection of targets in inaccessible places, including in the mountains. In addition system JLENS has the ability to issue targeting, and identify targets, defining their own identity / another.

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