The authorities intend to imprison people chtyaschih his sanctuary — Solstice

Russian Federation Council intends to make a bill on the inadmissibility of rehabilitation and glorification of Nazi war criminals. The document will be a ban on the use of symbols, both Nazi and like her (icons, shapes, greetings, gestures), and in general all the attributes that somehow evokes associations with the Third Reich. Among the authors of the document number of the senators Konstantin Dobrynin, Boris Spiegel and Alexander Savenkov, representing respectively the Arkhangelsk region, Penza, and the Vladimir region.

For breaking the law or is proposed to introduce a fine of 300 thousand rubles, or correctional labor or imprisonment for up to 2 years. For the examination of violations is expected to create two independently of each other committees working — state and public. Corresponding changes will be made to Article 282 of the Russian Criminal Code (incitement of hatred or hostility, and humiliation of human dignity).

Senators also propose to establish in the executive branch authorized body to counteract the rehabilitation of Nazism — advice that would be involved in regular monitoring and preparing an annual report on the state of affairs in this area. But he could inform the public, businesses, and international institutions of Nazi organizations and staff.

It specifies that the new law will not affect the scientific, literary and artistic activities, so that they can follow bans on some of the existing artistic or scientific works, should not be afraid.

The leader of the nationalist association "Russian" Dmitry Demushkin suggested senators who produced a bill introducing criminal liability for the use of Nazi and a similar attributes, include the Bolshevik symbols.

«If you prohibit symbols fascist, national-socialist, then be consistent and forbid Bolshevik. All these amendments we perceive as absurd. A state which is fighting with the thoughts and books, is doomed. People should be judged solely for their actions, not their opinions and beliefs, "- he said in an interview to" Interfax ".

"If the ban Nazi symbols, you will automatically be banned under the five-pointed stars, because it was the Italian Fascists under them and fought. The Italian fascists did not have swastikas, they had a white five-pointed star, and is therefore prohibited if the five-pointed star and the Bolshevik symbols, "- said the leader of the" Russian ".

Director of the National Human Rights Committee, "Presumption," Dr. Albert Theology Gayamyan said Swastika (Solstice), a lovely neighborhood with a six-pointed Star of David on the ancient Jewish shrines.

"Solstice is directly related to the Slavs, Armenians, Germans, Persians, Tajiks. The year 2006 was declared the year of Aryan culture in Tajikistan, Putin personally visited the grand opening events on this celebration. Swastika found in Russia in handicrafts, to the pre-revolutionary money on robes of priests, the Red chevrons and so on. Rather than protect the Slavic relic of Nazism and Nazi swastikas for wearing now be planted. What if I wear it under clothing, not promoting, waiting until the light time? If it is my religious shrine? Now this is still possible, but prohibited propaganda that they are considered a symbol of Nazism. Today, the question is that, in general, prohibit the use of Sun's under more stringent law. Let then prohibit Masonic five-pointed stars, by which for decades to destroy his own people, in the millions. Their characters Masons, of course, do not ban! I think that people of faith must have its say. Rodnoverie, wake up! "- Concluded the national human rights activist.

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