The campaign through complaints

The regional headquarters of Sannikov and Neklyaeva sent a joint statement to the Mogilev city executive committee on the venues campaign pickets and events of the presidential candidates.

"Administration deliberately chose uninhabited areas of space for picketing and conducting propaganda work. There's no point spending all this. We require urgently to increase the number of places for information and propaganda of the population", explains the need for treatment trustee Sannikov Victor Boldin.

Meanwhile such a statement from associates Neklyaeva left without satisfaction Bobruisk district executive committees. According Bobruisk employee headquarters of Elena Medvedeva, in the Leninsky district administration made it clear that there is an oral order — to campaign in places where signatures collected.

"The written instructions as officials do not yet have, so they can not change their decisions," Medvedev said Elena.

Remain unanswered messages on the change of places of agitation from Bobruisk activist of the United Civil Party. With Osipovichy executive committee expects a response to treatment, and the regional headquarters Neklyaeva.

Mogilev defenders require regional Election Commission, so she invited them to training for the members of election commissions. Human rights activists argue his claim desire to ensure the democratic electoral process and the transparency of the vote count.


elections Nekljaev, Sannikov

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