The candidates met in the square

After registration, the Democratic candidates for president met with the members of their initiative groups gathered on October Square at the entrance to the Palace of the Republic.

Activists before the registration unfurled a white-red-white flags in the square, waiting for their candidates. Gradually, their numbers increased. The participants welcomed the lively candidates, chanting their names, the words "Long Live Belarus!", "Single", "Together we will win!" Andrei Sannikov and Yaroslav Romanchuk handed flowers. Andrei Sannikov thanked his fans for their support and answered questions:

Andrei Sannikov

"That you did, you have registered their candidate. Thank you very much! Who will be hard work. And it will work to win. We will win. I just heard great news that will air live for the candidates. It's good. The more people in opposition to Lukashenko speak, the better for us. We will tell the truth about what is happening in the country. "

He said that the registration of all alternative candidates was not a surprise. Apparently, the authorities want to make the kind of pluralism. On the question of a single candidate, Mr. Sannikov said:

"One people. And the people will win. "

Neklyaevtsy brought a huge banner with a picture of the certificate of registration of their candidate, unfurled flags campaign "Tell the Truth" and a banner "For Neklyaeva." After they put the computer to communicate with the areaVladimir Nyaklyaeu, which is due to an overseas trip was not present at registration. The connection went Andrei Sannikov and his master Nekljaev said:

"What we've done with you together, it is concluded that the agreement — it is very effective step that prydasts dynamics. So Europe welcomed our move as very positive. "

On the question of why the government registered all alternative candidates, Mr. Nekljaev said:

Already it is clear that the company will be such that it can not recognize.

"They want to become entangled in the legs strong from the weak. How many are there ten? Let a distance run! And on a separate track, on a separate stadium with some fans in the stands run one athlete who has everything already said that he would win. We'll see how it is in reality. Already it is clear that the company will be such that it can not recognize. Today, we talked about this in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland and before that in the Czech Foreign Ministry. I said, that today it is already possible not to recognize the election. "

Yaroslav Romanchuk showed his fans certificate of the candidate.

Yaroslav Romanchuk

"Join the formal head of state did not come, supposedly does not feel that this procedure is more important to him, so he ignores his electorate. And also ignores the dialogue that could begin today. The authorities wanted to have 10 people participated in dyskusii.Treba just use the full potential of all commands to convey to people the simple things need to upgrade, the changes that Belarus was a European, prosperous country — and the victory is in our hands. "

By Romanchuk, the company will be "active and intense."

There are also candidate Gregory Kastusiou. He noted that the registration of all is a political decision of the authorities.

Gregory Kastusyou

"I am pleased that I registered as a candidate. BNF was the first time in 16 years, since 1994, has put forward its own candidate. It was a lot of excitement, our signatures were checked intensively in the first place in all regions. Nearly 102 thousand signatures were valid. This is our success. Our friends gathered for the idea. "

Kastusyou believes that the company is "very tense." The candidates Nikolai Statkevich and Mikhalevich not linger long in the square. Michalevic Call Registry "political decision of the authorities." He called the positive presence of a large number of candidates.

"We start campaigning starting work with the voters. We went out, as I like to joke, to the finish curve. Because, unfortunately, it will not be straight. "

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