The Crimea hit rain of dead birds

In Sevastopol, Ukraine's first recorded case of mass deaths of blackbirds.

Poisoned food?

The Strange Death of birds first noticed the people themselves the hero-city, and then later to the problem of connected vets. According to witnesses, the coastal areas and bays, where most birds accumulate nomads, with dozens of corpses dead blackbirds. On what exactly they died disease is still unclear. People believe — this is just the beginning. A wave of similar deaths have swept across the U.S., Canada, Sweden, Italy, Romania, Russia and China. In China, by the way, now raging bird flu. In Ukraine, the first recorded death of blackbirds.

— Most likely, the birds were killed by the virus or food poisoning, is a huge area of fields sown with corn treated with chemicals — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" ornithologist, an expert on biodiversity, "Bird Conservation Society of Ukraine" Alexander Grinchenko. — To say that the blackbirds died from infection is not too early, because it is the migratory birds and keep them crowded. Most likely, the blackbirds have come to us from North Africa. When life on the move say that it is not a viral disease, I suspect.

No traces of the disease

According to the expert, the decline of birds just happened in Sevastopol, because the city — The intersection of many flyways. Here the birds after a long flight across the sea sit down to rest.

Do veterinarians for a different opinion. Doctors say that the infection has nothing to do with it, so ask the locals not to raise panic.

— I personally walked Cossack Bay, where there were reports about polutoratysyachnuyu saw a flock of blackbirds — said "KP" Head of Sevastopol City State veterinary hospital Nikolai Dmitriev. — But on the ground lay dead not hundreds, but somewhere around a dozen individuals. I believe that the death of weakened after the flight of birds to blame sudden changes in temperature. Simply put, the birds killed frost. Traces of the disease on the carcass at the initial examination were not found. Samples were collected, sent to Simferopol carcass for examination. Diagnosis is in five days.

Ornithologists believe that as long as there is no examination results, all found dead should immediately burn.

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