The dark forces of black mud, or why many in Tsaritsyn barabashek

August 2, 2012 10:24

They say that the south of Moscow pursue misery and strange phenomena.

Photo of Edward Kudryavitsky: AMF

About Barabashka spoke during perestroika. In some homes, especially where young people, and then there was a strange sound, break light bulbs, by itself beats dishes, cracked mirrors, torn wallpaper, there are local, non-hazardous fire. As if the house settled and mischievous prankster. Its something they called Barabashka. If scientifically — poltergeist. Speaking of Moscow, the historically most often these "huligashki" seen in the Smith-Borisov.

Scarf in payment

One friend called and asked her to come to see what gets up invisible in her home. From the first minute stay in the apartment, situated in the metro "Nut", started to lose, but then find their stuff. Took off his shoes to slippers Shoed, lo and behold, and not a single shoe. Porylis and found him in a room under the cabinet. Carried shoes in the hallway. Enough, my coat, just hanging in the wardrobe, disappeared. Found him watching TV, watching on a hanger is not my cap …

In general, a clear conversation about poltergeist did not work, had to hurriedly dressed and ran down it. But goodbye Barabashka still played my scarf.
Similar stories here Prorva. According to Igor Sergeyev, a historian of the historic district Tsaritsyno "It stretches from west polyline geological fault that runs in the park" Tsaritsyno ". It is formed by an underground river flowing parallel to the river Gorodnya submerged horizontal solid rock. " In fact, one hypothesis relates poltergeist with faults in the crust. They can release energy mineral resources, manifested in the form of paranormal phenomena. Less dense layers of the soil, marked in Tsaritsyn at the end of XIX century., Created the conditions for a geopathic zone stretching under Tsareborisovskimi ponds, a small and large palaces and further to the east — to the metro line Zamoskvoretskaya lines and houses the district Walnut.
By the way, in the tunnel between the stations "Tsarina" and "Kantemirovskaya" once was flooded land routes elsewhere in this distance train driver noticed a crack in the wall of the tunnel. Near the metro station "Tsarina" is lit halls of the market, cafe, train wagons. And outside Lugano, leading to the park, if ignited, and breakouts of underground utilities. On the upper floors of the house number 7 on Orekhovo Boulevard and then rings dishes on display and swinging chandeliers, like an earthquake begins.

Healing swamp

Geopathic zone, which passes under the Tsaritsyn park and localized along rivers and Gorodnya Yazvenko, known since ancient times. This area had the ominous name Black Dirt. Tied it, however, with the peculiarities of local mud bogs, have healing properties. The same Sergeyev, swimming pond in the park one day, a piece of glass cut his foot and saw that the wound was hammered that same black mud: one would expect of suppuration, but the wound is surprisingly quick and painless long.
Tsaritsyn fault line stretches farther east, crosses the Ring Road and comes to Nicholas Ugreshsky monastery (in the town of Dzerzhinsk). It is built on the site of a "miracle" that Dmitry Donskoy considered a good sign before the Battle of Kulikovo. Tradition says that the air flying icon siyavshaya neobzhigayuschim fire.
However, despite the healing mud, a place for a long time to read damned. Under mysterious circumstances prematurely Interrupted Streshneva seeds, the first owner of this site. The descendants of the next host of the Black Dirt Golitsyn Alexei ends up in exile. It also quickly became extinct genus Dumitru Moldovan Ruler Cantemir, received the land as a gift from Peter I.
Tsaritsyn researcher Rima Bayburova believes that the toponym "Black Dirt" is associated not so much with the color of the earth, how much is released from the dark forces. Not for nothing that in the old days no one here dwelt — the tract is used exclusively for the burial of living nearby Krivichy. The construction of any buildings on a grave ancestors portends misfortune.
And they did not fail to follow. Working here on assignment bought the black mud of the Empress Catherine II of genius architect Bazhenov for some reason could not get a taste of the royal podladitsya ordered it. In an effort to bring his plan to perfection, the architect put into the construction of own money, got into debt, brought the family to ruin, was close to suicide. But the "mother", favored especially by Bazhenov, is still unhappy and ordered to demolish already built for her a palace. Vasily follower, his disciple and friend Matvei Kazakov (soon after the appointment of an architect Bazhenov Tsaritsyn fallen out with), succeeded no more: they built the Grand Palace remained unfinished — Empress suddenly lost interest in the estate and the more it did not come. Recently completed construction of the palace by the former mayor, Yuri Luzhkov.

By Savely Kashnitsky

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