The dictatorship in democratic clothing

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Part of the second. The beam in the eye

I. State Department reported: in Russia systematically violated the democratic rights and freedom of LGBT

Pretending to democracy, South American dictatorship comes up with yearly reports on human rights practices around the world. With all of this relates to human rights whatever the creator. When the pen is taken Teran, not an event dictates the subject, but under the given topic looking for the right content. Writing with passion journalistic work of art, the creator of it begins to build up in the mirror is not a wolf grin and sheep gentleness …

In Yearly U.S. State Department report on human rights in the world speaks of many countries, including Russia. Although, for the sake of objectivity to see things the human rights situation is worse than not in Russia and in Belarus, China, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Well, you need to give a tribute to writers and justice itself Hillary Clinton: Russia, with its aggressive West "father" of North Korea with its satellites, missiles and nuclear weapon, obstinate Iran, with its enrichment of uranium, China, which spends more on defense and military technology and confuses the U.S. economic indicators, undemocratic Syria, where President Assad destroys his people, Turkmenistan, where only 9 May 2012 abolished the historical concept majestically Russian war (oh, this is far backward republic, for example, from Latvia, worshiping heroes CC) and Uzbekistan, with its nepokorlivymi journalists vysekshimi — no, not with whips and word — Wanton South American Ambassador Krol personally tried to introduce censorship in Uzbekistan — far worse than in their own undemocratic compared with still quite shy Russia, which will break if what right , so perhaps that gays, lesbians, and the ill-fated Khodorkovsky.

Shortly democratic prepyadstviya of, from which we can conclude that the reader has to do with the state-dictator (as opposed to the State of democracy, a priori, such as only a true democrat has the right to make such a report) are set out in the summary report.

In the Russian Federation, according to the views of the creators, is a centralized political system. The authorities here "excessive concentration" and concentrates it in two: a president and prime minister. In Russia, weak multiparty political system, almost everything in the country decides to one party — the "United Russia".

The dictatorship in democratic clothing

Midst of the most significant problems associated with non-compliance with human rights in Russia, the State Department in 2011 found:

1) Violations of democratic processes. The parliamentary elections in December, followed by government intervention, manipulation, and violations of various restrictions aimed against the activities of opposition parties is not something that organize a party and register candidates from the party, but even access to the mass media in Russia is virtually impossible.

2) Violation of justice and the rule of law. At this chapter presents our homeland if not dictatorial, the autocratic state — more solid in their own autocratic than the Soviet Union during the Brezhnev era. Those people who are in the Russian Federation "strong state threatened or businesses" in the past year were necessarily political prosecutions. Where fell persecuted? .. It is true there. And there, in other words to jail for their purposely did very bad conditions. These "bad condition" in the report even referred to as "major violation of rights." Violation of this applies, in general, not just those who are democratic naivete took to the streets and began to "threaten the strong state", but in general many of the prisoners. These latter are doomed to bad medical service and are required to sustain vpribavok "abuse of employees prison administration." "These conditions, — the summary of the report — at times led to the death …" But the government of the Russian Federation did not work out corresponding measures to sanction the majority of the officials that were to blame for the abuses that led to the creation of … no, not global warming or cooling, but the very real "climate of impunity." The rule of law, says further, especially not ideal in the North Caucasus, where the "conflict between the government and the rebels, Islamist militants, and criminal forces has led to countless human rights violations — both by the security forces and the rebels, who are reported to have participated in the killings , torture, physical abuse and politically targeted kidnappings. " Moreover, the government of Kadyrov, according to a report in Chechnya continues to violate the principal of freedom involved in the collective retribution families suspected fighters and contributes to an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. "

After reading about all these passions in their native South America UK, a John Smith, of Connecticut, or, say, John McCain of Arizona, has naturally scared and pray to the photo sculpture of Liberty, the Stars and Stripes or the golden calf on the dresser of Guardian including and from dictatorships overseas misfortunes.

3) Violation of freedom of expression. In the oppression of freedom itself Russian authorities came to a complete virtuosity. According to a summary of the report, and if there is freedom of speech in Russia and the web in some media, including electric, the self-censorship and the media are in the accessories of the country, also exerted pressure on the print limited political dialogues in most media. Criticize or "challenge the government" or the related "business community" in Russia is fraught with serious consequences themselves. Some journalists and activists who do not fully understand that they live in an authoritarian country, for their love of freedom of speech paid with physical attacks and various types of harassment, including judicial (of course, politically targeted). On the basis of such rejection power of criticism occurred killings of journalists and activists. With all of this, many similar cases have occurred in the past, and have remained lurking.

Freedom of speech is also being violated by computer DDoS-attacks. These attacks were made in December 2011 to those web sites that publish reports of fraud in parliamentary elections. Ultimately, websites became difficult to access.

Identified in the report and other problems in Russia. Here for you and physical violence, must be performed on recruits officers, and restrictions on freedom of assembly, and corruption — "widespread at all levels of government and law enforcement," and the abuse of the ladies and the children, and human trafficking, and the xenophobic attacks and hate crimes, and social discrimination, and attacks on religious and ethnic minorities and immigrants, and the intimidation of civilian society and labor activists, and, most importantly, the discrimination of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people, and pendants — restrictions on the rights of workers. (Well, that's understandable: kapstran at least be interested in the rights of any workers there).

What is missing is cannibalism and worship Satan.

Copa yearly report would be even more popular in the U.S. State Department to release it as a comic.

Acquainted with the fact that in
America (on the example of the Russian Federation) is considered a violation of democracy and perhaps obvious signs of dictatorship with the elements of barbarism, we go to America itself. Look that in 1-x, then what America and whose rights protection, and in the 2-from whose right and how defended.

II. The struggle of America for the violated rights of Chen Guangcheng

With a doctor, a lawyer and amateur Chinese human rights activist Chen Guangcheng — it is clear, that it is dark. What about him so write: "The activist Chen Guangcheng is famous in China's own campaign for the rights of disabled persons and against forced abortion, for which in 2009 was in jail. After his release in 2010 he was placed under house arrest. " That so"Chen Guangcheng became known after a series of investigations of forced abortions in China. His articles he published in the journal «Time». In 2006, the dissident was sentenced to several years in prison for an interview to the same magazine. " That more one version put forward: "The name of Chen Guangcheng, it became clear the general public after it published documents showing violations of the rights of Chinese farmers. The human rights activist was sentenced Tribunal China bullpen for four years, and after his release in 2010, was under house arrest, living in the eastern province of Shandong, his wife and 2 children. "

The dictatorship in democratic clothing

If you try to come to a conclusion of this disk imaging, the Chen Guangcheng — China's active fighter for the rights of disabled people, farmers and women, please in jail in 2006 for an interview with the magazine "Time" — for four years, and in 2009 again bracing spell in jail, what replaced in the next year house arrest.

"Voice of America", in general, in general, excludes turning 2009 biography of human rights, "Chen Guangcheng is blind from birth. He is self-taught lawyer, turned-human rights activities. In 2006, he was sentenced to four years in prison for his fight against abortion violently who practice the Chinese authorities — in 2005, he filed a class action lawsuit to the court on behalf of the thousands of women who are victims of this policy. After the liberation of the bullpen in 2010, he was placed under house arrest. "

Another version of the biography, more detailed, "Chen, who lost his sight in early childhood, has managed, despite his blindness, graduate faculty of the Institute of Chinese Medicine in Nanjing and get a massage therapist job in a hospital in Linyi neighborhood. Immediately, he studied law, which gave him the opportunity to defend the rights of those who came to him for help. In 2005, after he gave an interview with Chen Guangcheng magazine "Time", he was placed under house arrest. In 2006, he was arrested and sentenced in a few months to 4 years and 3 months' bullpen on charge of "harming supplies and illegal traffic overlap." During the hearings in the case of Chen lawyers were not allowed in the courtroom. Chen left for the duration of imprisonment, and after his release in September 2010 was again under house arrest in a village in Shandong Dunshigu. "

April 27, 2012 the media reported (for example, this) That the defender was able to escape from house arrest. Ran a human rights activist as much as 500 km, and was not in the province of Shandong and Beijing.

The next day found, that Chen took refuge in the place where the tradition laid shelter dissidents of all countries in the world — the U.S. Embassy. According to rumors, the human rights activist asked U.S. diplomats hiding. In general, on the radio "Freedom" refute it:

"Recall, last week, Chen Guangcheng escaped from house arrest in Shandong province, 500 kilometers away from Beijing, and was able to mysteriously get into the United States Embassy in the capital, where he spent six days. Then he left the embassy — a guarantee of security of the Chinese authorities — and was taken to a clinic for treatment. Soon dissident, but changed his mind and publicly appealed to the authorities of the United States with a request to assist him and his family to move to the United States.

A May 3, Chinese dissident surprised U.S. lawmakers call directly to a hearing in Congress. From the presentation to the microphone phone congressmen heard a request to arrange for him to meet with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and promote the relocation of his family to the United States, as in China, they are afraid for their lives.

A day earlier, Chen with a similar appeal to the president Obama. Salting dollars in China Gary Locke said in an interview with CNN that the embassy has made and continues to do everything possible to provide a very comfortable criterion for human rights in his country. According to Press Secretary Jay Carney white houses, for all the days of your stay in the U.S. embassy in Beijing, Chen never asked for political refuge in the United States. On the contrary, it is very lusted to stay in China, reunited with his family, to continue their education and to participate in the reforms in his own country. "

Chen had to continue his education as a shame it did not sound in the U.S.. He had to leave there because Chinese authorities ruthless chased is not his, and his family:

"Blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng, who escaped from house arrest, said Sunday that his nephew Chen keg was arrested on charges of attempted murder of police officers, reported Reuters. <…>

"This is the revenge of the authorities, and it is becoming more and more feral. My nephew just became a scapegoat, "- said Guangcheng …

Relatives who witnessed the arrest keg, explained to that he acted in self-defense, picking up a kitchen knife when the police raided their house and started beating him.

"They (police) started beating him mercilessly. He was covered in blood, even three hours later, after beating his face was still bleeding, "- said Guangcheng."

For the State Department deal Guangcheng — only light. After all, if somewhere abroad is talk of major violations of rights and freedoms — for this most overseas, obviously — the United States is broken with their political horizon and faster missile with a warhead is next to the victims. On the days of Law Faculty of the Institute of New York has provided a grant to study Chen.

If we recall that in the State Department report on the list of stations with trampled on human rights and China goes, it becomes clear that the act of Chen's enrollment in the South American students is not accidental. This act of good will justify the axiom that the United States is the theorem: US — excellent, democratic, China — a bad, tyrannical. Here's to you, incredulous, for example: the victim dissident Guangcheng, now would be great to live in a democratic paradise.

That's just not clear how a country with such a ruthless dictatorship like China, human rights activist (also blind) managed to escape from the province and get to the capital, and the right to be there at the embassy friendly to it America. Strikes, and how the Chinese government just released its study of seas and oceans (initially r
eceive medical treatment). He was released and shared with family, which is so long pursued. Something does not add up, huh? Yeah well, it's a noble forgive America. In the end, all the time, grind biography — as the stones on the beach.

III. America outweighed India

Now let's see how America is one of those human rights defenders who are not in China or Russia (or, say, Syria), and in America itself.

It turns out that inside the United States of human rights — an act punishable.

The dictatorship in democratic clothingAs the April 3, 2012 said the newspaper "News", Federal Tribunal for the Eastern District of Virginia for two years deprivation of liberty was convicted head of the NGO "Kashmiri American Council" Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai.

This was what Mr. found a solder. (If special services in Russia as seriously looking for dirt on the various "swamp" comrades, they would have long since been debated together which of them suffered for freedom stronger, ie, got a little more time, and would call for Congress to the State Department , or maybe just Obama. Either Mitt Romney — that have become the number one enemy of the Russian Federation's trump card in the election campaign). 63-year-old human rights activist with a great experience and part-time fighter for the independence of Kashmir (part of India) was found guilty by the Tribunal that he heads a non-governmental organization active since 1990, funded by the ISI — Pakistan's intelligence Interagency. It was not in court on espionage, and of financial crime: a batch of violating the law on registration zabugornogo funding (Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA).

FARA, passed in 1938, does not prohibit zabugornogo funding of NGOs operating in the U.S., but darn obstacles in their work. The law, as reported by "Izvestia", obliges NGOs to declare control of sources of income, and use those proceeds to pay strictly for the intended purpose, and even reporting on the expenditure for the Ministry of Justice.

It turned out that Mr. Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai systematically violated the law, for which shlopotal two years — though he could sit down and for 5 years. After all, it was a question of the amount of 3.5 million dollars to ISI passed through the hands of middlemen offender.

In other words, while in America believed that human rights defender Mr splits India, he got away with it. As much as 20 unnecessary years. As the South American unsophisticated web browsers realized that he was "rocking" America, bending it under the Pakistani intelligence with which America is not such a great case as to November last year, when the fault of the American side killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, it quickly condemned.

Commenting on the story of the victims for the rights of Kashmiri Mr. FEMA, Michael Sinel'nikov writes:

"Oh, how lucky, for example, Lev Ponomarev, born in a country such as ours, where there is no law on the type of FARA and where human rights do not can move — Russian democracy will fall. With him, by the way, not so long ago, a funny story happened — a Web hit movie, which captures Ponomarev conversation with a representative of the Japanese Embassy. Self talk favorite NGO "For Human Rights" does not deny, but appealed to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation for an explanation, he says, what the hell climb into his personal life.

Yankees Fai too, for sure, was unhappy with a similar intervention when the U.S. intelligence services exposed from his clothes and put human rights before the tribunal naked truth, but at least he cared for the annexation of others, not the American territories (with the Kashmir region of India heated quarrel with Pakistan and Islamabad very interested in verbovanii U.S. on its side).

And our Leo gives openly recognize the Land of the Rising Sun that if she would give money ("I still only South American funds to help"), then in the Far East will be "civic organization" without "rotten patriotism", in other words, those who do not give away the Land Japan part of the Russian land — two Kuril Islands.

This is a "rotten" America lobbying foreign interests for other people's money — a threat to democracy, and we have — the "development of a civilian society." Because begging the embassies not only can, and should. "

And that in the history of human rights defender FEMA curious. Assistant director of the Washington-based U.S. Consulate FBI James Makdzhankin during trial said"Faye was to inform the U.S. government about the resources received from Pakistan to fund lobbying efforts. Secret communication with strangers can be a significant threat to our democracy, and those who are hiding these communications will be held accountable. "

Keywords here — these "secret communication with foreigners may be significant danger to our democracy …"

Is not it time for you to arrange a metal curtain, and, gentlemen South American Democrats?

IV. These humane South American cops

Eminent human rights organization «Amnesty International» in their own yearly — yeah, like the State Department — reports, in contrast to the State Department, is also addressing the United States. To quote Joan of Ulyanov "":

"The director of programs from Amnesty International's Europe and Central Asia John Dalhousie, 93 countries in the past year have dispersed their own peaceful demonstrators.

In this part in «Amnesty International» accumulated quite a claim to the South American government. "From the participants of the movement« Occupy Wall Street »have been claims of excessive force by the police. Allegations that in October and November in Auckland while trying to disperse the more peaceful demonstrators indiscriminately police used tear gas, plastic bullets and grenades, light and sound, and used batons, causing injuring more than 2 persons ", — the report says. 43 people died in 2011 from electric shock when using stun guns by police, according to Human Rights Watch.

The dictatorship in democratic clothing

With all this preserved classical claim to Washington: the conditions of detention in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the bullpen, the use of lethal ending in counterterrorism operations (Osama bin Laden) and the execution inside the country (last year 43 people were put to death). "

As for the world-famous movement "Occupy Wall Street", it is in the old days sent a petition to the court for the administration of New York. The city will have to compensate for material and moral damages suffered by participants in social protests — because of the actions of the police who killed their books and computers for a total of 47,000 dollars. This statement of claim is that in November 2011, during the liquidation of the tent city in a park Zukotti (New-york) police seized a library belonging to protesters and contained about 3,000 volumes. Returned the order of only part of the insignificance of the book collection, and a huge part of the
books was killed. Wanton guardians of democracy, which was not a lot of books, also broke several computers.

In March broadcaster «BBC» conducted a comparison of how to act in the oppression of mass protests, police Belarus and the United States. About American ways told Vladimir Kozlovsky.

New York itself is an interview about their own ways of "crowd control" does not. But in November 2011, "Wall Street occupiers" got the memo somewhere to combat mess, distribute amidst police.

Memo recommends that the police have "strongly military appearance with sharp and sharpened movements." The creator says the report from the irony that this same "strongly military appearance" sort of went out of fashion after the May 4, 1970: on that day, "the soldiers of the State of Ohio Guard opened fire on students of the institution in Kent protesting against the South American invasion of Cambodia .

The soldiers fired 67 shots from an automatic rifle M-1 "Garand", killed four students and wounded nine people. Since then, the firearm used in the U.S. to disperse crowds raged very occasionally, and shoot it usually does not lead, and rubber and other "non-lethal" bullets. " (Coming soon, for sure, will shoot "Expansive". Not for nothing did they buy).

In 2011 in New York City were arrested over 1,000 protesters. Many of them later served lawsuits. "In New York, such claims are rarely brought to court because the police usually prefer to pay off. Sometimes, when she agreed to pay the plaintiff a million bucks. Critics sarcastically note that these costs are not impacted her ways that they find it very hard. "

If police gives his victims a million, you may have something. According to another would be the most humane and fair tribunal in the world of millions of these plaintiffs would not be awarded.

The dictatorship in democratic clothing

Everything, according to the movement "Occupy Wall Street", for six months of the police has been arrested in the United States only about 6 thousand rally participants. No wonder the Russian Foreign Ministry commissioner for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, Konstantin Dolgov said "Interfax": "In the reaction of the American authorities are conspicuous elements of undue rigidity and implementation of disproportionate force. Such acts are of particularly against the background of constant bewilderment the American side of emphasis need to respect human rights in other countries, including the right to freedom of expression, representation, marches and demonstrations. "

Our bewildered Dolgov, apparently, have not read on "Military Review" that said the senior senator John McCain the exclusivity and uniqueness of America. An exceptional country, she declared itself exceptional, very well and gives himself the right to separate the sheep from the goats, and vice versa. Because what makes America, quietly, without echoing courts, paying their own victims of the dictatorship of one million and imprisoning Mr. Faye in jail, is a direct implementation of the principles of democracy — right in the spirit of Jefferson. But here's what's going on in Russia, with its evil fruit of LGBT and political prisoners, there is a very real dictatorship.

V. Not third global, but NATO summit

"… The city was flooded with police, including those who arrived from Philadelphia, in full riot gear. Some parts were blocked by an eight-foot metal fences. Helicopters circled over the heads, and even higher at times conducted patrolling F-16 fighters. Even with the temper of the meeting and the continuing danger of terrorism, it was a good deal. The organizers did not think about how this pattern will look for a foreign audience. Meanwhile, these security measures do sverhmilitarizirovannye recollection of what the United States is on the verge of collapse, or, or transformation into a police government, or both, and the other. "

An excerpt from the "apocalyptic novel"? .. No, the quote hence. We are talking about the scenery of the NATO summit, recently held in Chicago.

The Western press (British "Guardian") writes about protests in Russia after the presidential election, "Thousands of Russian pass through metal detectors for hours, past the truck and hidden under a popping helicopter to join a mass protest against the official return of Vladimir Putin to the Kremlin." What a gloomy picture of the totalitarian. But compare it to the passage above, and everything will fall into place.

Many of the protesters against NATO in America believe that if you do not live in a dictatorship, and it is not a democracy. Read: "We are 99%, but we have no rights, in fact, do not possess. We live in a pseudo-criteria and therefore must return to real freedom itself, "- said," b "is one of the participants of mass rallies in Chicago, an American of Indian descent named Gaetri. For a couple of hours before she came from Minneapolis to join the protesters' (Pavel Tarasenko, "Kommersant").

"At first demonstration took place peacefully. The participants called upon to withdraw troops from Afganistrana and finish the whole NATO military mission. Veterans of the war in Iraq and other conflicts in the symbol of protest were throwing to the ground his medals.

"These marches — marches conscience — says human rights activist Jesse Jackson. — Their appeal must be heard, you need to be heard. I hope that the president and favorites NATO states will accept a reasonable note of this pain of people who have gathered here today "(«Euronews»).

The dictatorship in democratic clothing

The organizers of the protests against the NATO summit announced 12 injured. In some of them recorded a head injury — shock batons. Protesters they say that the police are attacking them. Also reported, to disperse the crowd that police used acoustic cannon. The generated beam cannons sound causes pain in humans.

Quote from the "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" (Report by Alexander Gasyuk of Chicago)

"The most are popular slogans on the observations of" RG ", were" Down with capitalism, imperialism, war and NATO "and" for jobs and equality. " Veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq campaigns threw their combat medals on the ground and even going to burn the flag of the United States, but eventually gave his mother a South American soldier who committed suicide in Iraq.

"Instead of funding death and destruction on the other side of the globe, the American taxpayer funds should support projects at home. We will resist NATO, which is an organization serving the interests of onl
y 1 percent of the U.S. population, "- said a member of the movement" Occupy Chicago "Jackie Sperdberi."

At the summit, the democratic Chicago was pulled several thousand police officers, equipped with everything necessary for a mass confrontation of protesters. Approaches to the venue of the summit were, as reported, closed, and the windows of other shops boarded up.

Or will be when America chooses for himself the president does not Obama and Mitt Romney militant, almost all of solidarity with Vietnam veteran John McCain!

VI. "Please do not kill me!"

A piece from the book: "… in the eyes of the absolutist religion abortion — is evil, is no different from murder. I do not know how then regarded observations acquired by me from my own experience: many of the more ardent enemies of killing embryos exhibit excessive interest in the commission of the act in respect of adults. <…> … George W. Bush — the usual pattern of modern religious rulers. He and others like him angrily defending human life until such time as it is in the embryonic (or terminally unhealthy) state, not hesitating to ban medical research that could save the lives of a large number of people. <…> … Committed by more than a third in the 50 states of executions took place in Texas. And, as we know, Bush ran a huge number of executions in Texas — about one every 9 days — than even any other governor in the state's history. Maybe he was just doing its own duty of the governor and state laws? But then what do you say about a famous journalist reportage CNN en Tucker Carlson? Himself being a supporter of the death penalty, Carlson was still amazed at how "ridiculous" mocked Bush condemned men lady pleaded with the governor to postpone the execution. "Please — sarcastically whine future president, mockingly squeezing in fake despair sponge — do not kill me." (R. Dawkins, The God Delusion. M.: Hummingbirds, 2008. Pp. 409-410).

The hero of this passage — George W. Bush — the attitude to democracy (government by the people, by definition) has the ghost. Even Iraq has not commanded him to grab people of America, and God. Only exceptional people like Bush (or McCain) can convince themselves in a similar divine mercy. Such a ruler, apparently, needs only to people, so it was whom to send to Iraq. Obviously, waterboarding or drilling heads drill, that under Bush the Younger used very popular in the CIA (until Obama said, turned into an butchers tseerushnikam in 2009 his "phi"), — the prerogative of "exceptional."

Bush, like McCain insists at the sole and absolute leadership of America: "We, Americans, have put themselves ahead puzzle assist reformers to convert the demise of tyranny in strong, accountable to civilian structures. Emerging democracies require strong constitution, committed to pluralism, political parties and free elections … This work will claim the patience, creativity and active American leadership … If America does not support the promotion of democratic institutions and values, then who else will? "

No one, of course. This is the second world dictator, like America, does not exist.

Because no one has the right to condemn real and exclusive democracy, which must try to own some real opponents not to try many opponents in the future. Besides this democracy-dictatorship acts in the name of American values, but where are guaranteed to produce evidence of attack on sacred values, if not in the hallowed home of snow-white torture chambers of Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib? There have long been put to somebody's not washed my head screwdriver, you can always find something fascinating about were plotting attacks on the bulwark of world democracy …

VII. America is so used to the dictatorship that unhappy Democrat Obama

The best evidence of the existence of a dictatorial South American society is that lover of torture and executions of George W. Bush, hardly is on the political map of Iraq, stood at the helm of the United States for eight years. He was replaced by Barack Obama, won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. But for Obama may permanently close the cabinet door are rounded Republican Mitt Romney, who has already supported and Bush, Jr., and Sr., and Barbara Bush, and Sen. Marco Rubio and many more who think Obama Democratic wimp defamatory majestic dictatorial America. So much in fact to the point that the election for Romney Ready to Vote 43% of respondents in the United States — just as it is not Obama.

By the way, John McCain — also not a supporter of Obama"I am grateful to the President for what he gave the order to eliminate Osama bin Laden. But it seems to me that at least some other president in his place would have taken exactly the same decision. Why, then, so this glory? Heroes, with whom I have come across, held gingerly. When I travel the world, you can hear the foreign policy they say that America is weak and closed in itself. "

Perhaps many Americans want America to be strong. And so she became strong, it needs a strong hand in the strong favorite. The hand does not Obama — so maybe they say they are for themselves. A hand of the one who will lead the updated America, and behind it the whole world, equaling to the majestic hegemon, per aspera ad astra. Hand of the person who convinces America at the moment, you need not to save, and to waste it is necessary not to reduce, but to build up. Obama says about the small, and Romney — on bolshennom. More rockets, more wars, more oil, more bucks, more than Coca-Cola and double cheeseburgers. And something and less: for example, the economic crisis. And Iran and Russia.

And it's nothing that columnist Mark Adomanis found eyes to the world of Mitt Romney shallow, arrogant, and in the end — a little stupid. Is George W. Bush sought out effortlessly on the world map only Africa, gleaming superior inferences?

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