The eastern United States has fallen snow storm, one person was killed

Snow cyclone on Friday came in a few states in the eastern United States, because of the weather in a traffic accident killed one person, one in critical condition, according to the Associated Press on Saturday.
The National Weather Service has announced a warning due to a blizzard in most of the settlements located in upstate New York, as well as in a number of locations in Ohio.
Bad weather has caused many kilometers of traffic jams on some highways of New York State, in particular, the police closed the 40-kilometer stretch of road because of an accident near the city of Buffalo.
Part of the flight at the airport in the state is delayed by 3.5 hours because of wet snow and strong winds. Cleveland airport in the neighboring state of Ohio was closed due to bad weather.
In Maine, expected loss of up to 35 centimeters of snow.
The police reported the death of 34-year-old woman, were injured in the parking lot of a snowplow in Rochester, the driver of a pickup truck overturned on a wet highway Maine Turnpike, is in critical condition.

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