The Egyptian armed forces take control of the Sinai Peninsula

The army and internal security forces Egypt take control of the Sinai peninsula, RIA "Novosti" with reference to President Mohammed Morsi. A prerequisite for such statements was the attack of extremists on the border crossing of Karm Abu Salem, located on the border with Israel.

The Egyptian armed forces take control of the Sinai PeninsulaIn the evening on Sunday, August 5, the unknown made the attack on Karm Abu Salem, eventually killing 15 Egyptian soldiers, seven more were injured.

Egyptian President assured that he will not leave the incident and give the respective resist its organizers, wherever they may be. He has ordered the Minister of National Defense, the Interior Minister and the General Intelligence Egypt, so that they have taken steps to establish complete security on the peninsula and investigated the clash.

Earlier it was reported that Egyptian security forces were killed 17 armed extremists attacked the checkpoint. Participated in the operation several helicopters.

The attack on the Egyptian border guards had cooperated Bedouin militants from the Gaza Strip, the MENA news agency reports with reference to high-ranking officials of the country. According to them, they made their way to Egypt through the tunnels, dug on the border with the Gaza Strip. Sources also blamed for what happened Egyptian extremists. According to them, the attackers fled in a country of Israel. At the moment we are searching for the surviving militants.

At the current time, the situation in the border region is normalized. Temporarily closed Egyptian border with the Gaza Strip.

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