The European Union is preparing the latest batch of sanctions against the Assad regime

The European Union is preparing a new batch of sanctions against the Assad regime

Euro Countries decided to make the Union the latest batch sanctions against Syria. This was stated by spokesman of Mrs. Catherine Ashton, who is the head of the diplomatic authority in the EU.

With the new sanctions European Union try once again to press on today's Syrian authorities to release the road to pro-opposition forces.

Sanctions are expressed in the fact that the EU is planning to freeze the assets of the Syrian Central Bank in the EU.
Besides the sanctions will affect the ban on the import of Syria and export of precious metals and stones, and chemical fertilizers. From diplomatically sources, it became clear that the EU may even ban the number of commercial flights to Syria and back. But not all countries are ready to support a ban on air travel with Syria.

Completion of the negotiations on new sanctions will be completed in late February.

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