The fire was extinguished in the Crimean reserve

Fire in the Yalta mountain forest reserve on the southern coast of Crimea was extinguished on Thursday night after two days of fighting the fire, told RIA Novosti on Friday by phone, spokesman of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine Crimea.

"Pockets of combustion and smolder not. Rescuers and Reserve continue to patrol the area of the fire, but so far everything is quiet," — said the press service.

In a pine forest fire near the Gorge Uch-Kosh was attended by over 800 people, fire helicopters and airplanes. According to the MOE, the trees are not damaged by fire, burning bushes, and only litter — a layer of compacted leaves and pine needles.

On the territory on fire poured more than 2,300 cubic meters of water. Rescuers also put out the fire using fire extinguishers and backpack filled pockets of smoldering ground.

Extinguish the fire prevented the wind — its speed was 25 meters per second — and the slope of a burning mountain slopes.

According to the director of the reserve established on a natural object surveillance system recorded that the fire started from a blow to the tree lightning.

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