The first fire in the forests of Transbaikalia projected by mid-March

Transbaikalia power due to early snowmelt forecast the beginning of fire season in the woods early in the second half of March, this time to finish its work in 2012, only 70% of the fire protection of settlements, told reporters on Tuesday the head of the regional department for civil defense and Fire Sergei Fesyuk.

"Last fall, efforts were made to strengthen the protection zones around settlements — additional opashka, preventive annealing. Work that we are not complete — early in the first snow fell. This year we plan to complete the work by early fire season, which will begin in March, talking about this forecast meteorologists, "- said Fesyuk.

According to him, the creation of mineralized bands around settlements, economic facilities and recreation while greatly complicated by persistent snow cover.

The Head of Department also said that at the moment the work is completed to build reserves logistical resources for fire fighting, food for the volunteer fire units. Provides training, vaccinations and medical examination of the population has been called to extinguish the fire.

"As with last year, with the beginning of the fire season will be organized observation posts to identify areas of forest and landscape fires. Also this year, the scheme will change dramatically fighting fires. Now will deal with set up in late 2012, a specialized independent institution" Zabaykalleskhoz. " In his order passed all the necessary equipment. Regional Fire Service will be involved in complications of the forest fire situation, "- he said.

In 2012, the first forest fires in the Trans-Baikal region were found at the end of March. Total for the year recorded 819 forest fires — two times less than in 2011. However, the area of fires has increased from 251 thousand hectares to 486,000 hectares, almost double. Preliminary damage from fires was about 440 million rubles, which is 35% higher than in 2011.

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