The future of the Earth in the messages of the Hopi ancestors


Hopi Indians today live on reservations in northeastern Arizona (USA). Oribe — the unofficial capital of the local Indians, and the number of the tribe of only about 6,000 people. The settlement appeared in this region at the beginning of the VIII century. But, as before, here there is a matriarchy.

Tribe is divided into 30 clans. At the head of each is the oldest woman that "in combination" performs the duties of a shaman, keeping in touch with the dead ancestors. Usually, the woman on the nature endowed with the gift of clairvoyance and healing. A Hopi men employed women in our understanding of the craft: engaged in agriculture and rukodelnichayut. If a girl gets married Hopi (optionally tribesman), the spouse also becomes a member of her clan.

Indians themselves of this unusual tribe claim that their ancestors had once appeared from the bowels of the earth, and before that lived in the so-called kivasah — huge underground palaces. Then they scattered light, and only after centuries "by order of the spirits" have settled in Arizona. The first meeting of the Hopi with Europeans occurred in 1540 when the latter were obsessed with finding the mystical country of El Dorado.

And today, in the XXI century, the Hopi build kivasy, which make their mysterious rituals and communicate with the spirits of their ancestors. At the winter solstice, the shaman in one of the secluded kivasov, in which, according to him, he opens and the future of the tribe in particular and the world in general.

In the Hopi language has no concept of time. There is only the word "now." Every Indian knows that time — the continuous flow of energy without a past, present and future. Each Hopi has the ability to connect to the memory and spirit of his ancestors and can ask for help from them in a critical situation. Contact with the inhabitants of "the other side" is implemented in numerous tiny areas that are quite deep underground. By and large, each member of the tribe has its own personal underground cell, and the fellowship of an Indian with perfume lasts sometimes even for several days.

The greatest value of the Hopi — ancient stone slabs stored shamans and passed down from generation to generation, the so-called message of their ancestors. On these boards, the Hopi say, and recorded in detail all the future of humanity. Each year, the most powerful shaman receives new information from the heavens, and the council of elders bring the information obtained to the U.S. president. Some prophecies are still classified. Parapsychology Laboratory experts working at the White House, decrypting the characters that express themselves Hopi, and try to prevent the development of the darkest scenarios.
In this century the interest in Hopi increases from year to year, especially after the tragedy that befell the United States September 11, 2001. As it turned out, the Hopi have warned for years about her, but the authorities have not taken the time to seriously Indian messages …

So what is broadcast Hopi spirits? They warn of the global changes in climate and temperature rises (which is already happening). By 2020, humanity will survive the numerous temperature anomalies, the level of water in the oceans to rise and solar activity will be really dangerous for humans. The Hopi also believe that the Earth will a powerful bomb blast akin to nuclear — the same as it has already taken place in the past. (The old Indians still remember the explosion of an experimental atomic bomb exploded at the site near their reservations. At that time only through the mighty power of the unknown, inexplicably destroyed radiation Hopi survived.)

Mankind, they said, came in an era of great change, and all the old ways of life and their relationship will be irrevocably changed. Change and the planet itself: the tropics, for example, cover the ice (space stations confirm that these processes have already started.) Will change and tilt of Earth's axis. The water level in seas and oceans will also be different, and in this regard, many continents will disappear under the water, while others survive. But, according to the Hopi, more details on this can be said in the next 50-80 years.
The energy of spirits lately felt stronger, more rigid invisible forces control human thoughts and actions. Who does not appreciate the richness of nature and its diversity, does not live in harmony with it, that there is no place among the elect, who after numerous terrestrial cataclysms will live on this planet. The great spirit guides Americans to Europe and to Africa and India, the future of the oases of the new race and the following civilizations, which will rule spirituality and harmony.

Prior to 2035 there will be in the nature of many disasters and celestial phenomena, which will purify our planet from the "extra" earthlings. The great spirit of the Hopi and warns of a mysterious disease that wiped out humanity like the plague. It will bring together many victims, for a cure for her many years can not be located. The disease — also a message from those who decided to take a "clean up" the Earth.

However, do not be scared all the same. Our civilization is doomed, and, according to the prophecies of the Hopi humanity has a future. But first we will have to pay a price for his arrogance and folly, for his inability to live in harmony with the world.


Rock paintings of the Hopi Indians in Arizona

Hopi tell of "machines from the sky," which will save those who follow the voice of reason and living in harmony with the world, talking about homes on the Moon and Red earth, reminiscent of a new star that will soon appear in the sky. (By the way, NASA astronomers have recently discovered a strange object was 350 times that of the Sun, who is so far outside the solar system. A description of this strange object, the present Hopi, consistent with the data of telescopes and satellites.) Another strange prophecy, transmitted from generation to generation, says, apparently , the method of human cloning: "My wife without the help of her husband will be able to have children, and each will play itself."

What is this story? Hardly. After all, many of the prophecies of the Hopi Indians have confirmed the story itself. Therefore, in recent years, experts with special attention to the predictions of the ancient people and, in particular, to the fact that the December 23, 2012 is the day the most important for our civilization. On this day, according to the Hopi, "the great spirit will be again," and part of humanity will move into the fourth dimension. This, however, can happen with all of our planet, because according to the prophecies is part of the evolutionary plan of the Creator.

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