The gravity anomaly for dropouts


Recently, in the mountains in the south of Uzbekistan in the reserve Baysun was discovered another "gravity anomaly" — a place where water, rubber balls and the car in neutral rate of roll not down, and the top.

As always, the media is saying that scientists can not explain this phenomenon. In fact, they just do not feel like explaining what is so obvious. A man who is already bad remembers school physics course, it may seem that the number of anomalous zones in the world each year is increasing.

Take, for areas in which, according to eyewitnesses, no longer a force of gravity. In such places, car, put on a neutral rate, a rubber ball or a trickle of water begin to move up the hill — miracles, and more! Most interesting is that a lot of places, and some of them known for a long time.

For example, an abnormality in the area of Beit Shemesh (Israel), The Devil's Gulch (Jordan) or Pass in Ladhake (India) knew from the beginning of time: this phenomenon is mentioned even some antique and ancient Chinese naturalists. Other places — for example, near the village of Ghalashki Nevyanski region (Middle Urals), even where there is a current in a mountain stream, and the hill country near the mountain range, located ten kilometers from the village Bantszegou County Jitang of China (PRC), or portion of a mountain road on the island Jeju (South Korea) — were discovered only a few years ago.

And just the other day from Uzbekistan was reported that it is now open for tourists anomalous zone in the mountains of the reserve Baysun. Like, there is continuous miracles happen, contrary to all the laws of physics and logic of a mysterious force causes the machine to shut off the motor to move up. Moreover, moving against the force of gravity on the site only some 50 meters, the car still manages to gain speed!

However, no matter how many years consisted of this anomaly, it immediately after his miraculous discovery has attracted the attention of the media and the Internet, and then the tourists. The announcement of such sites is always the same type — stating that "found a place where no laws of physics" and that scientists "can not explain this mystery."

However, if you start to deal with the last statement, once it becomes clear that research in this area is really no one spent, therefore, strictly speaking, there is no one to explain something. What you will agree, is in itself suspicious. However, exactly what scientists are silent together, and just gives rise to the most utter speculation.

What are the only versions are not moved — and gravity anomalies, and the bending of space and the unusual magnetic field. However, frankly speaking, the first two do not even refute because they belong more to the realm of science fiction than science.


How, pray tell, might be the gravitational anomaly on such a small area (after all, just a couple of meters before and after all of this area is fine)? And if it is the bending of space, then why all the other objects in the anomalous zone look like and should (at the top of the sky, the earth — at the bottom, etc.)?

As for the electromagnetic version, the strong magnet, of course, can make the car go up. But why in the same direction as the water flows and rolling rubber balls? In general, it should be recognized that none of the "anomalous" versions are not convincing. That, in general, is understandable, because in fact we are dealing with a very common phenomenon.

By the way, I am sure that many of you have read about him as a child in a variety of informative books — for example, in the "Entertaining Physics" Isidorovich Yakov Perelman, but then just forgot about it. Well, let's try together to deal with these "miracles." First of all, you should pay attention to the fact that all data is anomalous areas have a lot in common.

They all are in the mountains, most of them — in the subtropical zone (here, perhaps, the only village Ghalashki with her crazy creek breaks the rule). And every "anti-gravity" zone is small: in length — from 50 to 600 meters and a maximum width — as a standard two-three-lane on each side of the highway. Well, I see many have guessed? For those who do not understand what's the trick, I will quote one of my friend who was in such a zone in Jordan.

Talking about this wonderful place, he said: "When I was walking up the hill, then it was easy, as if I was running down. But the return trip was much more difficult — seems to be way down, but the feeling is like a mountain to take away." In these words lies the answer to the mystery — after all muscle, circulatory system of the body and the vestibular apparatus is impossible to deceive. But the eyes …

In short, now you all understand: in this case, there is quite a common optical illusion. And, apparently, combined. All physicists have long known phenomenon of "lower" mirage that occurs on highways. But it appears as a conventional "top" — in those places where there is rapid change of the mass of cold and heated air over the surface. It is known that the heated layer of air has a lower density than its overlying layers.

The inclined beam of light from a very distant object, reaching this layer of air, it bends its way so that in the future follow it again removed from the ground and into the eye of the viewer, as if reflected from the mirror at a very high angle of incidence. Therefore, before a person sees, figuratively speaking, is not that front, but the fact that the rear. Regarding this situation can be said that the anomalous areas are located just in those places where there is constant change of the hot air near the earth's surface.

Warming from it, the air mass is forced up continuously and immediately replaced with a new layer of heated air. As a result of the anomalous zone, which is a real descent, is "air mirror" that reflects the rise, located behind or to the side of the traveler nego.Nizhny mirage is often seen in summer on the asphalt and tarred roads, which, thanks to the dark color very hot in the sun.

This phenomenon also occurs in the plains and in the temperate latitudes, not only in the subtropical mountains. However, due to the fact that the terrain is flat, and the road is the same, we usually do not pay attention to such mirages. Its much easier to see when there is descent, and the observer sees the rise — and so, you know, takes place in the mountains.

In addition, in such places often superimposed on one another mirage — side. It occurs when a mirror performs heated sheer wall. Interestingly, in all the above-described anomalous zones such are present, and in sufficiently large quantities. The combination of the two mirages, "showing" an unsophisticated audience growth, creates a very believable illusion. Moreover, depending on the inclination of the reflective wall to the ground surface may be illusory steep rise or steep.



Thus, the explanation is quite simple — there are no anomalies, there are only as old as the world of optical illusion. That's why scientists and do not give any comments — to explain what is so obvious, in terms of science is pointless. In addition, many of them believe that perelmanovskuyu "Entertaining Physics" as a kid read it. Or, at least, at school in physics at least sometimes listen to what the teacher says.

Those to whom the evidence presented in this article, seemed unconvincing can manually check the validity of these findings, if will go to is "abnormal" place. For this, they need to bring a device like GPS, which shows the altitude and inclination. With this instrument the experimenter can go all the given site and see how it will change height. I am sure that the device, which is not any optical illusion shows that there is in fact, instead of lowering the elevation …

Anton Evseev

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