The head of the National Bank: The dollar will fall in price in Belarus by the end of the year

Told reporters Chairman of the Board of the National Bank of Belarus Piotr Prokopovich, BelTA informs.

"According to our estimates, more than the Belarusian ruble to devalue the U.S. dollar will not" — said Mr. Prokopovich, noting that in recent years the dollar has become strongly fluctuate. "The dollar has become volatile and unpredictable trading. In addition, the strong dollar is overvalued against the Belarusian ruble. Therefore, at the end 2010 rate decreases and becomes close Br 3000 for $ 1, "- said Piotr Prokopovich.

The head of the National Bank noted that 2011in a situation that was January 2, 2009, did not happen again, "January 2 into history. We have already experienced. More such cases will not. " He explained that a one-time devaluation was due to the requirement of the MPE. "Today the situation is completely different … No obligations to the IMF, we have enough of their resources. "


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