The inversion of the poles on the Sun is called the approach of the comet Ison?


The new video, which is located downstream from the theoldmarine1, forthcoming pole reversal on the Sun may well be due to the approach of the comet Ison. According to the NASA Solar poles should move in the range of 3 to 4 months, this period coincides exactly with Ison movement around the sun. Is not this more proof that we live in an electric universe?

If not, why not both online gaganta censor Google and YouTube video, "Electric Comet» ("The Electric Comet — Full Documentary"), the video that has now also been removed Vimeo?

After this documentary was not available for viewing, there was another remarkable video from the owner Star0bservers the "electric nature" as our sun and comets Ison. It also explains why the passage of comets around the Sun Ison will cause an inversion of the poles. Perhaps for this reason that the ancient cultures often observed comets and considered them harbingers of doom?

Fortunately, now you can watch the video ("The Electric Comet — Full Documentary") on the link below, as TruTube.TV dared to post it on its Web sayte.Ssylka.



Message on the topic of David Icke.

The Electric Comet — The Full Documentary Taken Down By YouTube

by David Icke

'According to the Thunderbolts Project this documentary was removed by the Google-owned YouTube following' a single complaint of copyright infringement by astronomer Travis Rector at the University of Alaska '. It goes on:

'Prompted by astronomer Sean Walker, Rector filed a complaint with YouTube, in disregard for both fair use and fair play. Unwittingly, he provoked an outpouring of criticism that caused him to hide the story he'd published on his own Facebook page as criticism continued to pour in.

On matters such as this, public consciousness has come a long way in recent years. Take away the fair use principle and the same people who manage taxpayer funding within the sciences will also control the flow of information and ideas.

When foundational theory is thrown into question, a publicly supported jobs program will typically resort to science by news release. Its advocates will seek to maintain an illusion, to suggest that "all is well in our science."

But what if facts discovered by their own scientists challenge the cover story from start to finish? That's when the program's Inquisitors will resort to "copyright infringement" claims, seeking to deny public access to data and images gathered at taxpayer expense. '

There is a gathering war against the communication of all views and information that demolish the lie-machine that we call 'The System' in all its forms and we must not stand for this at any price. Great news that we now have them running around in such a panic, though. "

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