The Kuril Islands bear tried to attack a military unit

Predator attack occurred at night on October 24 at the island of Kunashir. As told to "RG" Deputy Minister of Forestry and Hunting of Sakhalin Region Alexander Kostin, the incident was reported in the area of military unit stationed in the village of Laguna, the South Kuril region.

— The time was on duty when he heard a suspicious noise. Acting in accordance with the statute, he repeatedly warned of the potential intruder verbally, and no reply, fired up. After banging the bushes in the dark continued, the man opened fire. Realizing that, most likely, he encountered a brown bear, a soldier climbed to the tower guards and informed by telephone about the incident. At 11 am, game wardens arrived at the scene of the South Kuril forest and shot a wounded beast, — said Alexander Kostin.

According to him, to disturb the peace of the military unit of the local fauna was the mother of a predator. Approximate age of the animal is 6-7 years, and weight — 480 kg.

— This is a fairly large specimen, representing a serious threat to humans — said the deputy minister.

According to the regional authorities, this year in the Sakhalin region has repeatedly documented the facts bear out to people. For example, on October 22 in a suburb of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk owner of one of the private holdings literally stumbled night at the intruder and scared him. It was later revealed that brown predator was partial to complete feed. More he did not show up at the woman. And just the day before game wardens had to shoot the bear near private homes in Nevelsk.

As one of the versions, due to the increased activity of clubfoot, Alexander Kostin calls abnormally hot weather that prevails on the islands in the middle of summer. Because of the drought a lot of fish has not been able to get into the river, and a bear came famine. Forced to look for food Toptygin increasingly began to go to the people.

More often than not had to eliminate animals in southern Sakhalin. Total area of game wardens in April of this year eliminated 20 bears.

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