The landslide came down in a village in Karachay-Cherkessia

 A landslide in the village came Adil Hulk Nogai district due to heavy rains, there is a possibility of destruction of several houses, according to a Friday press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations KCR.

"At nine o'clock Friday to control operations duty officer was reported that as a result of torrential rains, there was a gathering of earth soil of 150 by 50 meters, the damaged part of the dirt road and one support township lines. Energy supply of the village is not broken. In landslide zone got two infield. There is also the possibility of damage of the two houses, "- said in a statement.

At the scene working task force EMERCOM on Karachay-Cherkessia, the commission on emergency Nogai municipal district and regional team of repairmen grids.

As a result of strong thunderstorms, hail and gale-force winds have already suffered four settlements of the republic. In the night from 30 to 31 May 2012 there was a partial flooding of more than 200 private holdings in Adyge-Hablskom Nogai and districts. Because of strong thunderstorms with hail and squally winds up to 23 meters per second, which hit the republic on Tuesday, more than a day without light were more than 2,500 residents of the village of Kosh-Jable. From the wind and rain hit the roof in the village of several houses and office buildings. As a result of heavy rains and hail that took place in the country on Tuesday and Wednesday, injured about 6,000 hectares of crops, representing 6% of farmland KCR.

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