The long-awaited Ash

The long-awaited "Ash"

Just a few days back — September 13 — many special on military equipment in the world were almost shocked. In Russia completed construction of the first submarine K-329 "Severodvinsk". This nuclear submarine boat was designed by "Ash".

Now "Ash" will for the first time come out into the open sea. Checking the boat will take place in a white sea. And for the first diving watch with extraordinary attention as many military experts at the Russian Federation, and spices from around the world. That is logical, since it is specifically the upcoming voyage will show the vector of development of the navy of. If during the voyage will be found that the "Ash" is consistent with the requirements that apply to similar modernity submarines that specifically make it clear up the main force of the submarine fleet of in the coming years. It is planned to create a powerful fleet of eight submarines by 2020!

As such, the story for yourself building a nuclear Underwater boat "Ash" is very exciting. Maybe the spices that are looking for military equipment in Russia and the world, remember that the construction of this boat was launched in 1993. Yes, that's when the orders were signed by the start of construction and boat was laid on the slipway, "Sevmash". Then no one could loaf that the creation of this masterpiece will be covered with nearly two decades.

Nedavneshny destruction of mighty power, the default, the destruction of the economy and industry — all of this has had on the construction process. Many experts say that the fact that the work still took place, is amazing in itself for themselves.

The long-awaited "Ash"

Already it is clear that about a year back started construction of the second nuclear submarine of the series "Ash". But the results of this voyage, which participates in the not so long ago built a giant, will show whether there is his younger "brothers" principal nuclear force of modern Russian navy. In all test will take approximately two months. During this period, the most experienced team will examine every detail they inherited the ship to deliver a report on arrival, which and decides to follow the fate of all the boats in the series.

Armament of the first ship in a series of "Ash", received the title of "Severodvinsk" (under the name of the town in which it was built), really impressive. There really all there is, that at least some fight, even with the most insecure opponent would be won. In the middle of weapons submarine "Severodvinsk" possible to see anti-ship complex S-800 missiles equipped with 3M-55. Also, there are cruise missiles, allowing to hit virtually any surface targets. Are available and anti-ship missiles Kh-35 strategic missiles and X-101. So Makarov, nuclear submarine boat "Severodvinsk" accidental earned the title of the armed submarine ship in the world. The most powerful missiles can successfully hit a target at a distance of up to 5 thousand kilometers! All on board are 20 four cruise missiles, and eight devices to launch torpedoes. At the same cruise missile can carry both ordinary and nuclear warheads. Because if the "Severodvinsk" really justify all the hopes placed on it in the next few years in the Russian fleet will have eight submarines of this model, they will be able to provide a powerful core of the fleet, able to withstand at least what the fleet of possible enemies.

Notwithstanding such a massive weapons, "Ash" profitably different from all the peers and even mind-boggling speed. Full speed when moving under water is 31 knots, or nearly 60 miles per hour, which is one of the best features of today.

The long-awaited "Ash"

The total length of the submarine is 120 meters. Its displacement — 9500 tons. The greatest depth — up to 600 meters. With so massive armament and speed of the crew enough small — only eighty five people.

Cheers, and the fact that all the weapons that will be installed on the submarine, has already passed the tests, with quite successfully. In particular, it looks nice on the background of the "Bulava", which want to equip new strategic submarines of the "Yury Dolgoruky".

But, even if the test will be really successful, there is reason to think seriously about the future submarines "Ash", the reason — the price. First boat cost the state 50 billion. But to build a second izderzhat have about 110 billion Specialists say that it is a consequence of the rise in price of energy, metals and services Prof. welders. So Makar, if built 8 more nuclear submarines of class "Ash", to be spent over a trillion rubles. That is 5 percent of the total amount, which is scheduled izderzhat the development of military equipment in Russia until 2020.

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