The new old accusation against Andrei Poczobut

June 17 re-exposed to prosecution journalist Andrei Poczobut, closed the trial which took place in the Leninsky district court of Hrodna. Articles about the abuse (368-1) and slander (367-1) on the President's left in it, but more than doubled the text.

The trial of the journalist of the Polish "Gazeta Wyborcza" Andrei Poczobut still closed. And his wife Oksana, and Father Stanislaw waited for news from the court on the street, along with those who came to support the journalist. Quite quickly came out of the courthouse lawyer Alexander Birilov, who reported on the new indictment journalist and a break in the process before June 23.

The second lawyer Vladimir Kiselevich, said:

"The representative of the state prosecution announced a new order for the indictment Pochobut. According qualifications has not changed: same articles and parts thereof. Former prosecution was just two pages, and now — on five: the text hard — lists the words that Experts believe that the honor and dignity of the President's concern and where the libel was. It has expanded through the text, more give details of the rules are violated article. "

Lawyer Vladimir Kiselevich also said:

"Pochobut conveyed greetings and gratitude to all those who stand in the street, his support. He made a motion, and we supported it, to give us five days to reflect on and to prepare for the process. Matter is scheduled for consideration at the twenty-third of June, at ten o'clock . "

Their views on the trial of Poczobut expresses Sergei Boy — The head of the Grodno regional organization of the Belarusian Popular Front party, who had come to the building of the Leninsky District Court:

"I think they do not know what to do with Andrei Poczobut — what degree of punishment to apply. And the change of the kind of vague accusations. Broad wave of international solidarity with Andrei, in including in neighboring Poland, indicates, that easy for Lukashenko regime and it will not work. Depending on the situation, which will be — the economic and political: with loans and with the reaction of Russia to the infringement of Russian mass media — and the verdict will be determined on the basis of the feasibility in terms of the regime. Purely political point will be present. "

Andrew Pochobut — The correspondent of the Polish "Gazeta Wyborcza". At the heart of the criminal case — the publication of the journalist: eight of the "Gazeta Wyborcza" and two of the Internet — from the "Belarusian Partisan" and "Live Journal". The journalist was charged under two articles of the Criminal Code — 368 (Part 1) — "an insult" and 367 (Part 1) — "slander" against the president. On the first of them the penalty of up to two years in prison, the second — from two to four years.

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