The Nobel Peace Prize for the first time may be postponed

For the first time in more than 70-year history of the Nobel Peace Prize for Peace can be postponed due to persistent efforts by Chinese authorities to disrupt the event. Meanwhile, the ambassadors of several countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan and Iraq, said they would not take part in the ceremony in Oslo next month.

If the Chinese writer and democracy activist Liu Xiaobo last month was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, it caused a fierce reaction of Beijing, which launched a broad campaign — both in the country and abroad — aimed at making disrupt awards ceremony.

It seems that Beijing's efforts are starting to bear some fruit, as is likely in the next month, the award ceremony in Oslo will not happen. Laureate remains behind bars, and the Chinese authorities are unlikely to allow his family to receive the award for him.

Under the rules of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, the prestigious Peace Prize laureate medal, a diploma and a cash prize of 1.4 million dollars can get only the winner or his family.

Liu, who is serving a 11-year sentence for subversion, remains in prison, and his relatives, was reportedly not allowed to leave China, along with dozens of Chinese dissidents and intellectuals who were going to go to Oslo.

Liu Xia, wife of the winner, is under house arrest. Family members told news agency Associated Press, that his brothers Liu Xiaobo is a continuous pursuit.

In a telephone interview on Oct. 12, after which the relationship with her was lost, Liu Xia spaspela say "Xiaobo hopes that I will go to Norway and get a premium for it."

Asked by a journalist, the authorities allowed her to leave, she replied with a laugh: "I think it will be very difficult."

Geir Lyundestad, Secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, said that the ceremony will still be held in Oslo on December 10, even without the presence of relatives of the winner.

It will be read SMS messages from Liu and perhaps some of his earlier texts.

Lyundestad reported that their participation in the ceremony confirmed diplomats from 36 countries.

But diplomats of several countries, including Cuba, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Morocco and Russia refused to participate in the ceremony after Beijing asked about their government.

Diplomatic interests in Norway, Belarus is the Belarusian ambassador to Stockholm. The Norwegian Nobel Committee invites you to the awards ceremony only diplomats resident in the Norwegian capital.

Geir Lyundestad pointed out that Beijing has launched an unprecedented campaign aimed at disrupting the ceremony: "I do not know of examples, for a country so actively and specifically discouraged ambassadors to participate in the Nobel ceremony."

The representative of the Russian Embassy in Oslo, told news agency Associated Press, that during the ceremony the Ambassador will not be in Norway.

However, Moscow's decision drew criticism from Russian human rights activists. The head of the "Memorial" Arseny Roginsky recalled that the Russian and Chinese authorities said about achieving a "global consensus on human rights." Veteran human rights movement Ludmila Alexeeva said that Russia wanted to be a great power, and in this case was in the company of North Korea, Iran and Iraq.

According to the official Nobel website, the last time the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the winners, was in 1936, when a German journalist and pacifist Carl von Ossietzky it was forbidden to leave Nazi Germany.

During the "cold war" power-communist countries of Eastern Europe had a more "generous" approach to the decision of the Nobel Committee to award the Peace Prize to dissidents.

Soviet physicist and human rights activist Andrei Sakharov not to leave the country in 1975, but the award yielded to his wife.

In 1983, the Polish authorities have allowed the wife of union leader Lech Walesa get a premium for it.

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