The number of deaths from cholera in the Dominican Republic has grown by half in two weeks

According, the number of victims of the cholera epidemic in the Dominican Republic increased by half over the past two weeks and reached 36 people, reports AFP referring to the Ministry of Health. Earlier media reported 23 fatal cases of infection.

According to the Dominican Ministry of Health, during the week of cholera infected 132 residents of the republic. A week earlier, there were 143 new cases of serious infection. Thus the total number of cases exceeded fifteen hundred and reached 1563 people.

Cholera outbreaks recorded in the Dominican Republic in November 2010. Dangerous infection was imported into the country of Haiti, where the epidemic began last month. According to recent reports, cholera infected about 310,000 Haitians, 5,332 have died.

After detection of the first cases of cholera Dominican authorities have tightened sanitary control on the border with Haiti. Despite this, the infection has spread to the territory of Venezuela and the United States. However, in these countries a dangerous disease outbreaks were quickly contained.

With the increasing number of victims of cholera, as well as increasing the number of infected Ministry of Health to strengthen measures to prevent and control the further spread of infection.

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