The only chance to defeat Iran and Syria — sabotage and guerrilla warfare

War — Is a means of escape from the outstanding problems in peacetime.
Thomas Men

Untold debt of the United States, the collapse of the U.S. monetary pyramid, approaching collapse dollar as the global reserve currency, forcing America to solve these difficulties tested method — at least under any pretext to unleash a victorious war with a weak pre protivnikom.Tomnye effects of financial problems can be monitored and the peacekeeping arena — a conclusion troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. Bad one, the hands, the United States never actually launch wars, this is NATO partners and friendly countries. And the United States, engaging in conflict, expose themselves to such a miracle peacemakers — we come from and will now everything is fine. Peacekeeping U.S. extensively known, thanks to the art of the United States to provide through the media "necessary" information. The bulk of the world's population through the media disk imaging, according to the U.S. real intercessors democracy and freedom in the world. By the way, the conflict itself originates specifically from the global media, with pleasure voiced by the information on the likely development of Iran's nuclear weapons.

The only chance to defeat Iran and Syria - sabotage and guerrilla warfare

Potential participants in the conflict: the U.S., Israel, Turkey and NATO. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Georgia, Lebanon, Azerbaijan. May perceive role in the conflict: Pakistan, China, Our homeland and the countries of Central Asia. On this day, the initiator of a possible military conflict — Israel and Turkey. After the last 2 wars, fluctuations in the confrontation between NATO — Iran and Syria, not one will cause vibrations. But there are no hopeless situations, try to imagine what might look effective strategy to deal with the combined forces of Syria and Iran.

There are winning behavioral strategies, make out three basic paradigms:
— traditional strategy of combat. On the basis of the potential participants in the conflict, this strategy is a losing to Iran and Syria;
— strategy with the orderly risk. The strategy involves the introduction of several response options, with a gradual cut-off apparently losing options. Iran and Syria can play on the factor of uncertainty and try to catch the chance to own an uncertain outcome probabilities military confrontations;
— Strategy sudden ending. The best strategy at this time for Iran and Syria. Also suggest a so referred to as "Pyrrhic victory."

Placed on the data plan of military operations in the event of a conflict with Syria and Iran has already been compiled. The object of preventive effects — Turkey, to be exact, placing parts of a missile base oborony.Mozhet be the involvement of various outside forces in various directions. But all the plans of the joint command of troops from Iran and Syria as such are doomed to be as lost. The only option that is occasionally mentioned Iranian military leaders as a danger, is the conduct of hostilities unconventional method.

Speaking in plain language, this is guerrilla warfare
As part of the conduct of modern guerrilla warfare, Iran and Syria must guarantee the invasion forces such loss that the world society, watching the progress of the war, the loss of data deemed excessive and create conditions for the start of the peace process settlement of the war.

Many are convinced that the guerrilla war — this is a purely defensive act defensive side, and they are conducted on different areas of their military and armed civilians podrazdeleniyami.No any military action can be both offensive and defensive in nature. Based on this, we get an offensive guerrilla war.

Another name such war — the war of sabotage, which should not be confused with terrorism
Specifically terrorist acts in the world today is the cause of great concern of any state. The suddenness, the uncertainty and the unknown, and most importantly, horror — the basic instrument of terrorism. The main sources of terrorism on this day — the Islamic radicalism, as well as the West believes Iran and Syria states that support terrorism, particularly in these sentiments will play angry ideologues in the West.

Already at this time Western propagandists throw in the information space quotes Iranian figures, taken out of context, and Tipo showing the dangers of terrorism on the part of Iran. For example, a quote chapter P.Sarvari Iran's National Security Committee: "If someone wants to make our region a dangerous, we will create a dangerous world." Of course, Mr.. Sarwari, a bureaucrat pochetaemoy very civilized country, mean anything: the price of oil, the likely consequences of anger against his own country, and so on, but did not threaten the world.

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