The opposition did not expect to win and do not prepare for it

Society Nine contenders Alexander Lukashenko in their own way trying to persuade the Belarusian society that are better able to withstand the test of the power of its predecessor. Opportunities to convey to voters their program, they are not very much. And this at a time when a rare Belarusian citizen can list the names of all of the "nine" — not to mention, to name the differences in their political platforms.

Our listener Ales Martinovic from Baranovichy, from a letter which will start today's conversation, said that the opposition are not going to win this election. He writes:

"I do not think Sannikov and Nyaklyaeu Statkevich and Mikhalevich, Romanchuk and Rymashevski really expect to win and prepare for it.'s Just that they have ample opportunity to raise their social status, as in previous elections happened to randomly bad egg Kozulin. There a real opportunity to earn a comfortable dazhyvanne as did at the time Hancharyk. As for the act of social rebellion, in Belarus in the coming year it is impossible.

In any case, Lukashenko will remain as president of the emperor-to 60-year-olds. And then, with his usual brutal self intuition to go to some Latvian, Estonian and Swedish form of a parliamentary republic, where power-economic instruments will be transferred to the nomenklatura, which all owe him.

Look at what happened in Ukraine. If Yanukovych Kuchma live without poverty and no one pulls him to justice for the murder of journalist Gongadze. (Incidentally, when Yushchenko did not pull it too …)

The peculiarity of the fourth presidential election in Belarus is that Lukashenko has no means a "scoop" who prays to Moscow. In the pre-election rhetoric Lukashenko many ideologeme struggle with the Russian-Moscow Kremlin imperstvam. And dozens of nationally-conscious competitors Lukashenko is unlikely to be able to gain dividends from their popular slogan that Luke, they say, "is aiming to sell Belarus Russia".

Yes, such a motto, Ales, the current opponents of Lukashenko and do not sound. On the contrary, many of them handed out to each other Moscow promises and pledges its full loyalty, willing to use its platform for the Russian campaign, and the problems of the national language revival are ready to upstage. It is noteworthy that the Belarusian language in their campaign often ignored even by those opposition members who until recently were considered the leaders of the national-democratic movement.

Our listener Valery Gricuk from Minsk appeals to those students "Freedom," which, in his letters and call complain that opposition candidates almost nobody knows. Answering the question of why this is so, Mr. Valery writes:

"Do any of you have seen the opposition politician on Lukashenka's television? When was this? There's your answer. Why talk and complain about that, they say," no one knows "? Give us a TV! Through television, even an obscure shepherd can be instantly make it known to the whole country! Perhaps someone remembers entertainment Russian TV "Field of Dreams." Through that program, and even the shepherds were known to the whole of the USSR. So first of all, the citizens need to think, and then grumble. Nationals — think You — the people, not animals! And then really — choose not to acquiesce to the rigged elections. then and is currently president of Belarus and the People, and the deputies will direct state money to fix your apartment, not the building of village councils, from which is no good.

Today it is already clear: the election will be. So the game of candidates for the "program" — it's child's play. If the candidates — Democrats, they all have to have one, the same copy of its program ".

Formally, the candidates admitted to the television, but this tolerance is limited to the two projections of each monologue and a one-time participation in the debates with rivals. These performances have already begun. All television campaign will continue and a half weeks. Then all nine opposition candidates on television, probably completely disappear. Do have time for it, an ordinary Belarusian well enough acquainted with the programs and the personal qualities of these politicians? The question is largely rhetorical. Today, a few weeks before election day, in the midst of the election campaign, the names and faces of any of the candidates, except Alexander Lukashenko, can neither hear nor see in news and current affairs programs of any of the Belarusian state television. Obviously, for this there is an unofficial ban.

In a recent survey sounded mail a letter Ales Ratkevich of Maladzechna area. The listener complained about the depressed state of apartment buildings, which in Soviet times, many have set up in Belarusian villages. Instead of building expensive new homes, said Mr. Ratkevich, it would be necessary to "repair brick shmatkvaterniki — and would have received a large number of low-cost housing for those who want to link their fate with the village." This opinion does not agree to another of our long-time listener — Constantine Syrel of Ushacha. Pre-Ales Ratkevich, he writes:

"Perhaps, Ales sincerely prefer apartment in such a pen in front of the manor house with a stout, garden and private bath.'s His business. But, at least among my many friends and relatives village of originals not. Believe that they are few and among wanting to move out of the city to the village (most likely will not find these at all if only the homeless or antisocial personality, from which the village is no good).

Construction shmatkvaternikav in the villages — this idea is not at all a villager, is divorced from real life nonsense hosts the metropolitan government offices. In Belarus, it is associated with the idea of so-called "erase the line between town and country," it began, I believe, at the end of the 60-ies of the last century.

The traditional Belarusian farmstead — a cozy, warm house sufficient zmyashchalnastsi, garden, vegetable garden, outbuildings (bath, cellar, workshop, room for livestock, fuel, feed, equipment). Some villagers even have some excess — for example, a pond with Karasev, where you can dive and after a bath. Well — we do not Hong Kong, land, thank God enough, and if the estate in the neighborhood of crude swamp reeds, cattails and frogs, why in her place and not dig a pond?

A shmatkvaterniki the village, Ales, this is, in my opinion, not housing for the present owner, this rustic bunkhouse for the lumpen-proletariat.

I want to tell the story of an unenviable one such dvuhpavyarhovak, which had to live for a while one of my friends. It was built in the village of Usha VyarkUdy area in the late '70s. My friend lived in Ushachi, but wanted to move into the village. That moved. But the first winter showed that living in a "cozy" apartment on the second floor panel dvuhetazhki impossible. The walls of the winter freeze to the fact that the spring in the corners near the ceiling formed icicles 15 centimeters thick. Sick children, sick of my friends and myself.

Family did not survive long, two or three years, bought a house in a nearby village Tsetcha and moved there, where they live today. The reason pramyarzannya walls dvuhpavyarhovtsy found in a few years — at the plant in concrete panels forgot to put a heat insulator (ceramic).

Dvuhetazhki that anymore — devoid of people, it was destroyed three years ago, as well as several nearby. I believe that the same fate awaits the rest shmatkvaternikam and in our neighborhood. Many of them are empty and waiting in the bulldozer, and the rest will be left in the near future, too, will go into oblivion.

I want to add — the so-called "presidential h
ouses" built in the village in recent years, I also do not like very much. Firstly, too miserable and monotonous architecture, to the ranks of the prisoners to stand, no architectural highlights. Secondly, the household is too small portions of the outbuildings — a small shed where only bike does deliver. Both the first and second re-designed for the lumpen and the same farm (as he is called, he was the farm, the farm will remain.) The site for the often badly chosen — as they say, no candle to God nor devil poker — wrote in his letter to the "Freedom" Constantine Syrel of Ushacha. — It happens that for this reason many of the houses are unoccupied. At the same I mentioned Vyarkudah dozen homes built to vprytsirku asphalt road. attributed What prevented them even from what fifty meters further, that children did not run out of the yard at once on the road — is unclear. Besides, the quality of construction, they say, is no good.

Well as you can already step on the same rake? Well, if you want to revive the village, give the person who really wants to live in the country, long-term interest-free loan, let us build us a fact that under his taste, and where close to his heart. Or, if you want, will get ready home and repair it (how many of them, sturdy remaining estates with all the outbuildings and gardens — do not count!).

I wonder how long this state will stick his nose where it do without, rather than to properly carry out their direct responsibilities? ".

Those blocks of flats built under communism in the countryside, not only without the peasant mentality and way of life. Do not pay any attention, and how much will it cost heating thin panel walls. The calculation was obviously on cheap diesel oil and gas that will never run out. Yes, it ended very quickly. Many collective farms bankrupt had to close centralized boilers that heat such houses in the mid 90s. A miserable village hosts "sockets" had to buy kiln-"stoves" and break the ceiling to bring out the pipe.

As for the so-called "presidential" houses — the new distinctive features of modern farms. Build them near roads not only do you in the Vitebsk region, Mr. Constantine — throughout Belarus, where they had come, the same order. Done so not by accident. For the construction of the local agro "vertical" strictly asked. And the best please their superiors, to show their achievements in this matter? Correctly constructed so that new houses could be seen from the central highway, which the chairman of the district executive committee to ride his "Mercedes" at the meeting of the regional center or capital. And the fact that on the highway stench and smoke that is dangerous to release children on the street, that we can not graze livestock and seed orchards — so who, except the residents of these homes, worried about?

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write on "Freedom." Since you were Valentin Zhdanko. Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, mailbox one hundred and eleventh

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