The past year was a record year in Russia the number of hazards in 14 years

The past 2012 was a record number of hazards in Russia over the last 14 years — cases of heavy snow and rain, gale force winds, extreme heat or cold, the press service of Hydromet.

According to meteorologists, in 2012, in Russia there were 469 cases of severe weather systems and meteorological phenomena, inflicting substantial damage. The number of registered hazards compared with 2011 increased by almost 1.5 times.

"The high frequency of heavy precipitation events has been, strong wind … but on the parameters (not all of these cases) reached the criteria of hazards, but largely hampered economic activity regions. They are usually applied to the most serious damage to the economy," — said in a message.

Freeze-up and the unusually cold weather in 2012 were observed in 29 cases, about as they were in 2011. With the period of abnormally hot weather in 2012 was 80% more than in 2011.

"Strong heat was observed in regions of Russia are almost three times more than in 2011, and the number of frost in the growing season in 2012 was 70% more than in the same period of 2011," — said Roshydromet.

In addition, during 2012 recorded 86 cases of exceeding the absolute maximum temperature for the day, and in 23 cases was closed absolute minimum temperature for the night-time hours.

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