The photographs rover found aliens


Rover Curiosity, on the surface of Mars sent the pictures captured evidence that life exists on Mars, write internet users and provide evidence.



If you examine the photographs taken by Mars Rover Curiosity, the red planet is teeming with life, according to an alien who had taken over the fresh material enthusiasts.

Since then, as the NASA rover landed on the surface of Mars, the U.S. space agency has published a dozen photos in high resolution. Photos can be sure that the machine is really dwells on Mars, and a few of his most important camera function normally. But some enthusiasts have found in these photographs had not managed to hide a few Martians, or simply rational beings who control the space activities in the solar system.

In the video posted on the YouTube user under the name StephenHannardADGUK showed that the increase of the maximum available on one of the photos posted on the site NASA, you can clearly see the four white points. Enthusiast imposed on them a number of filters and showed that it is an oval-shaped luminous objects distinctly similar to aircraft, especially in their "traditional" way.


In the picture presented landscape Gale crater — known to all reddish spaces


So, as many as four of the object, if you look good, do look rather strange:

More than a million views since August 15.


"Four objects within the frame Curiosity, is difficult to distinguish the original pictures, so I had to impose a series of filters, — he writes in the description of the video. — What is it? UFOs, dust, or something else? As always, you decide. "

Experts, however, assured that the four aircrafts are the usual beaten pixel camera rover — points in the thermal imager that have lost functionality and appeared in white. A processing filters picture editor has done exactly what was lacking white spots to be ships of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Other videos uploaded channel
ParanormalCollection, composed of a sequence of shots with the same angle. It shows how two little white points are in the sky of Mars. Images belong to one of the rover's navigation camera, and as the author writes animation, hit the public domain by accident. At 45 minutes later made photos of the same places with the same angle no white dots are not:



Appearing in the image frame — one of the first presented NASA since landing a rover. They were made on the same day the earth, August 6, and they have seen a moving cloud of dust from the work of the heavenly crane, with which the rover landing. The situation is ambiguous: Did Curiosity shoot flying saucers in the first moment of their stay on Mars and NASA decided to get rid of their image so as not to injure the inhabitants of the earth, or YouTube user simply "played" with pictures of the rover in search of internet fame.


Video has collected more than 600,000 hits since loading on August 7.


But not all the anomalies found in images Curiosity, are flying saucers. The author of the last movie found a color photo of Martian soil is dragged along between the rocks with a human finger nail:




"Mars Science Laboratory potential photographed ancient finger — he writes. — Real or whether these abnormalities are a trick of the light, you decide. "

It is not surprising, but it is also seen on the horizon of the Gale crater dome of a building. Perhaps the rover failed to look too far to make out its super fine camera first tower of Angry Birds, the existence of which is officially declared itself NASA:


So this landscape looks "from a distance":





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