The problem of the middle class savagery

Dear Readers, Across the country, drunken teacher, menedzhershi staff, nurses and young mothers are of serious concern to their behavior. Each night they get drunk to swinish state, have sex with unfamiliar men in the back of stores, dirty curse word and celebrate the natural needs of the street. A home at the time they are waiting for their husbands and children …

The above realities — not domestic. They are taken from Special report British newspaper "Daily Mail" on October 9, 2011 with the title "Why intelligent nurses, teachers and mothers across Britain to get drunk every night out?"

This report made a splash — a record number of comments received, and hundreds of thousands of links republications. Although appears to be written about that, about what people already know, and although most of the articles — nemudryaschee description with photos. That's how many last saw 20-year-old Linda. That's like a drunk 19-year-old Sarah once fucked with someone unfamiliar. But the 22-year-old Naomi shows wishing for breast khaljavnogo drink.

The author (a woman) with a loss: it's all right to have a saleswoman and other working class. But no: the same behavior that the cattle, that representatives of "clean" jobs, almost elves. This here medrabotnitsa is assistant professor …

… There are two considerations, dear readers, for which I want to talk to you about this Western European phenomenon. First, Britain today is the birthplace of our spare you the elite and the British social model always leads us in the example people varying degrees of elitism.

And the second is very interesting how the journalist of "Daily Mail" tries to explain that her compatriot festivalyaschie wrong. She seemed to feel that behavior in cattle is not good — but that feeling is justified under the prevailing social concepts can not. Because the words "in cattle", "immoral" and "sinful" — they are some obscurantist, totalitarian, not free.

As a result, the journalist deviously tediousness. Are girls are not afraid of sexually transmitted diseases, she inquires from them. A pregnancy is not afraid? And accidents? A criminal act? And you know that alcoholism Britain loses 3.7 billion pounds? And you know that, according to the psychologist, his booze you just express the inner anger and self-doubt?

By the way, dig reporter failed. We all control, meet intelligent girl and her young mother. Are we fools? We are all taught as: each condom in her purse, and a taxi booked in advance at three in the morning. We fully otvetstenno approach to leisure and rest — as we can. Go-ka you nafig.

What is important in this picture? Here we are, no matter how pathetic it sounds, seeing the end result of the liberation of the individual as Europeans.

In short, today advanced the concept of individual freedom is the following. Universal, mandatory maximum and development of each person is not the purpose of the existence of the advanced society. In any form, either in the form of an archaic salvation, either in the form of a totalitarian construct a new identity.

Aims of the society — to ensure that the safety and well-being of a person. In turn, all that is required of ordinary Homo S. Sapiens, — perform their job duties and compliance with criminal and administrative codes. The more they are trained to behave in the workplace and less violate the codes — so they are civilized. And everything else, including a different culture there, love, patriotism, spirituality, dreams, and humanism — their personal choice. The main thing is to use condoms and drove drunk.

People impose any moral constraints and internal aspirations — obscurantism. Any moral well replace cameras in the streets and skilled police work. And, of course, is "responsible behavior" (when a condom is always with him, and ordered a taxi.) Of course, all cattle allotted under its responsibility, to plump and sit on the dole. But the truly valuable members of society — the same care workers and the teacher — in his spare time will, of course, live cultural life worthy of their high IQ and education.

It's all over the concept.

So today it is obvious that this orderly system ignores the point. Namely, by themselves, in the absence of supergoal and overvalued, even a very high IQ and higher education do not make one anything and anybody. The human person is created lessons Overvalued — makes him not just stupid to adapt to the environment, and something to defend. And thus take on the character. It was overvalued give a person the very mystical motivation, which today are taught to call the toll courses.

As part of a modern conception of man directive imposes no Overvalued — and says that this is freedom. As a result, it is fully insured against to want to become a "new person" or a salt of the earth. More than that, excommunicated overvalued, it produces only a humanoid simulation and culture — especially for work and Offices. If he has a great IQ and a good education — produces good. If worse — and then disguise worse. But this would still be masking falls off it in the first convenient moment. Because I do not own and not organic.

The idea that the excommunicated person is overvalued at some genuine fright carrier some abstract "culture" is at least strange. After all it is a specific human culture of imposition and is overvalued. That Plato, that Shakespeare that Dante that Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, Thomas Mann, that Conan Doyle, Mark Twain that — not so much to entertain as preach.

So for today's "bydlfa" — European with elven white-collar profession and quite gregarious gopnyachimi motivations — the entire culture and remains something alien. Why would he preach and dreams, if he knows that truly believe in them — the savagery and sucks? They can not love, they can only serve.

Hence, by the way — the obvious crisis of the concept of "simple human happiness", facing the Western Europe, that the eastern, including us. Even very simple happiness may still be only human. Happy bulls and heifers not happen. A humanity that could be happy, can not imitate — it in itself to bring up.

Well, one more thing. What "secondary savagery" leads almost bright enough showed summer riots in the same Britain. When in the hands of the British in appearance tame different social classes got new thing "twitter flash mob" — the combined crowd Gopnik and (seemingly) intellectuals suddenly began quite amicably smash and take away the whole urban area.

And, by the way, is hardly a coincidence almost the only quarters, who were able to organize themselves and defend their territory with no police were Sikh and Muslim. That is, those where they live free from the imposed Overvalued media collective morality.

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