The question is put to the edge

Today in Warsaw, Poland and U.S. presidents Barack Obama and Bronislaw Komorowski discussed the state of democracy in Belarus. Polish President said that the parties have a common view on the construction of democracy, including in Belarus, where there is a "tragic crisis of the democratic process." The U.S. president said that "in the case of Belarus regress." He expressed support for civil society and reformist tendencies to "repression in Belaursi had no negative impact on the security of the whole region." How to comment on this in Minsk and Warsaw?

Wojciech Boroditš-Smolinsky

Member of the board of the Foundation "Center for International Relations" Wojciech Boroditš-Smolinsky notes that the assessment of the situation in Belarus, these presidents of Poland and the United States, in line with what is happening in Belarus.

"Everyone knows that something must be done to show that Europe and the United States have not left Belarus to face. That they are somehow watching Belarus, waiting Belarus somehow able and willing to change. And, of course, all the parties — and the U.S. and Europe — want to help change this. "

On the eve of U.S. President Barack Obama issued a statement in which it said new sanctions against Belarusian companies. Or current statements imply that Warsaw may also support this approach?

"Whether a Poland imposes such sanctions will depend on the ratio of the European Union. After all, if we talk about the various economic sanctions, it is better to impose such sanctions in the whole organization. In the EU, there is a debate now as what sanctions and how to enter the field. "

According Boroditš-Smolinsky, Poland from July 1, starting chair the EU and wants it left the "serious consequences in the EU, including the creation of specific instruments to support democracy in various regions of the world."

Anatoly Lebedko

Chairman of the UCP Anatoly Lebedko notes that Belarus remains on the international agenda, and it is important for the prospects of Belarus as an independent, democratic country.

"Based on what happened in Warsaw, there is confidence that the Belarusian issue will be one of the most important for Poland, which will hold the EU Presidency. This indicates that it was not for the words to say that it can be saturated with a specific plan of action. Yet proponents of change should welcome it. And this is very important — to coordinate the actions of today, and the position of the EU and, of course, between the EU and the U.S.. And joining this makes Americans a more comfortable situation within the EU. After all, it can be used as a positive influence on those countries that are still skeptical that towards Belarus needs a concrete plan of action. "

Vintsuk Vyachorka

Politician Vintsuk Vyachorka calls the positive fact that the Belarusian issue discussed at the EU-US meetings. He notes that the U.S. position towards Belarus in recent years has beena more consistent and based on values, compared with the European:

"There was a certain period starts interest not only in Belarus, but in general to our region of Europe in the American administration. And let's hope that this imbalance is corrected. And, of course, much more good in vypratsavanni common approach between the Americans and the Europeans on Belarus, and not between the U.S. and Russia, which still belong to different value fields. "

Stanislav Shushkevich

Stanislav Shushkevich notes that the words in relation to Belarus so much has been said that it is difficult to enumerate:

"And the European Parliament and the Polish Sejm and the Lithuanian Seimas — all condemn all sympathize with us, and so on. But, in fact, no action. I hope there will be action. So far I do not see them. If this is the impetus for the U.S. sanctions, excellent. "

According to the chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Svetlana Kalinkina,


Now we have a big chance that the EU and the U.S. will be a general agreement on the Belarusian issue.

"The question now is very serious. And Belarus is no longer able to play on such contradictory positions of the West, East, Europe, USA. I think the question is put to the edge. "


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