The sole survivor on the Kazakh frontier suspect in the murder because of bullying

The sole survivor on the Kazakh frontier suspect in the murder because of bullyingThe Minister of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Kalmukhanbet Kassymov tends to the version of death border because of "internal issues", the agency reports.

May 31 Kazakh media said the incident at the border post that killed several soldiers. Same day border service said that the bodies of 13 people — 12 border guards and rangers were found after a fire at the frontier on May 30. At the subsequent day was clear about another 2-look for bodies. Scorched building border post "Arkankergen" located in the mountains in the summer time with there are 15 border guards. In the remains of all 15 victims of traces alhocol found. Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev at the meeting with the heads of law enforcement agencies referred the incident an act of terrorism.

On Tuesday, a number of Kazakh media announced the discovery of the last living — 15th border guard. According to one version, he came to the frontier, and on the other — was found in an abandoned winter. Interior Minister confirmed the latest version.

"I think that version that, after all this was due to domestic issues, this is confirmed, apparently. Last frontier guard arrested with a gun commander. He's the one day was on duty, "- said the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the sidelines of government reporters.

The minister also said that at the moment there is a consequence and checked mental state border guard. His testimony is checked.

"Appointed expertise, we have not all ready to expertise that we have appointed. We are not yet fully know the number of victims. In addition, on the 14th corpse we have at the moment there are issues, "- said Kassymov.

Tuesday, June 5, in Kazakhstan declared days of mourning for the victims of border guards.

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