The Truth About Paganism

Call pagan Rus wrong. Moreover, it is insulting. Since the early Christians called other people (s), all non-Christians.

The Truth About Paganism

Therefore, it is pagan and do not believe in God, and practicing any other religion. As for Russia, it long before Christianity she was a slender, moral, based on the proper outlook religion. This was monotheism. Acknowledged the existence of the One God. Was in the religion and the Virgin.

Where this religion? — You ask. We in Russia it for thousands of years trampled, tarnished, polluted, and then in general perverted. You want to enslave people, cast out of his soul. This, and tried to do our princes and kings, which was mainly to keep the people in check. Princes called on Russia Byzantine church fathers for this purpose. And do not make a mistake. In them they found a faithful helpers in the enslavement of their own people.

What was the religion of our ancestors? Everyone knows the Indian Vedas, or at least heard of them. They are known throughout the world.

Fine Indian epic published books are sold or distributed on every street corner in Moscow. But few know that the Indian Vedas preceded the Russian Veda. In the Indian epic much lost. Many events in the Russian Veda describes in great detail, whereas in the Indian Vedas, the time has erased many of these details. We used to be the same people who came from the North, and after a long life on the Russian Plain went to India, Iran and beyond. Therefore, the "Avesta" contains the same Vedas, but they have lost much concrete.

Who wants to learn the Vedas, he should start learning from Russian Vedas. Indian Vedas many Russian more. Specialists say that right now, today, you can publish 1000 (tysyachu!) volumes Russian Vedas. Why are they not published?

Tried to publish, but almost no results. For example, in Bulgaria 1881godu were issued "Veda Slavs." But in Russia, they are not noticed. Ball in Moscow was ruled by foreigners, mostly Germans. They are our past has always been unacceptable, as they tried to present our people throng of slaves.

About the Vedic religion of our forefathers wrote several excellent books Alexander Aces ("Slavic gods and the birth of Russia", "Slavic runes and" Boyan anthem ", etc.). He translated into modern Russian invaluable "Veles book", which sets out both history and religion of our ancestors. We will not repeat what has already been done (and well) by others. The reader is referred to these books.

Aces, said: "It should be distinguished from the Russian Vedism other faiths Vedic roots: all varieties of Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, and other, for the Russian Vedism — the essence of national Russian kind of Vedic faith. Accordingly, the Russian Vedic culture is Russian national kind of Vedic culture. Russian Vedism is international in content as much as she is international Vedic faith, and national in the image, language, and the source. "

Thus, in "Book of Veles" God of our ancestors called Svarog Tvastyrem (Creator). The Vedas of India is God Tvashtar. Image Tvastyrya Svarog in Indian mythology merged with images of the Vedic Tvashtar and Iswara (Lord Shiva), Indra (Svarga host) and Brahma. Shivanty identified the creative power of the Creative Svarog with Shiva. So did worshiping Indra. Bramanisty identified the creative Word of Svarog with Brahma, consisting of the Vedas. This is clearly seen in Slavic iconography Svarog.

It is very similar to the Hindu iconography Brahma. Few people know that thousands of years before the baptism of Rus was Orthodox. Russian back in those days called themselves Orthodox, for the glory of rules to follow the Path of rules. Orthodoxy at that time was called righteous faith, as the Slavs but know the truth, know the rules, the Vedas, the ancient Vedas, the sacred legends about the origins of the Vedic faith. Vedic faith was the first faith of nearly all the world's peoples. In our time, a tenth of humanity professes Vedic religion. Once we speak modestly about their ancestors as the Gentiles, who allegedly believed primitive idols and pray. No! Our ancestors were not pagans. They were monotheists believe in one God, the Mother of God and the Son of God. Rule, from which Orthodoxy is the Heavenly Mother who protects Russia. Her name Makos. She embodies the heavenly law. Our ancestors believed in the Trinity. The first face-God the Father, the second face of the Son of God, the third face of the Mother of Heaven. It is the Spirit of God, who set in motion the world. All this has a very deep meaning. Mother gives birth to the Son. Hence, world changes: After Father Son appears, then the Son is the Father and the Son is born again.

Against this highly moral faith fought churchmen. But fight it they could not. They were only able to rename the Orthodox holidays. So holy day of the Annunciation is an ancient holiday Proveschaniya Mokos (April 7). No need to believe in many gods Slavs. They considered only the faces of all the goddesses of the Single Mother Mokos world, Mother of God.

Now judge for yourself whether our ancestors were pagans. Under paganism understand faith in the existence of many gods and the denial of being the One Almighty God. In fact, Russian Vedism (pravedizm) is the oldest monotheistic faith, faith in the existence of God. Russian Vedism came to us in the form of oral tradition in the form of sacred texts.

As for Russia, it is not started from the moment of baptism. In Russian, the Vedas it is said that for twenty thousand years, was born, died and revived Russia.

It also says that the ancestral home of the ancestors of the Slavs (first Aryans) in the north. Hence, our ancestors, who led God first moved to the Urals and in the desert Seven Rivers, then to India and Iran. It stood out from the Indo-Aryan birth actually Slavs, those who have praised the gods and ancestors. Thus, Russia was born thousands of years before the founding of Kiev — Dnipro-Rusi.__ and baptism in the Russian Vedas of the covenant with God, our ancestor. This covenant is called "the law of Svarog" or "covenant of the Father's Aria." The progenitor of the Slavs was Dazhbog. Under this covenant all grandchildren Dazhbog should run away from falsehood and follow the truth, to honor Rod Heaven and his race. Esteem of friends and my family. Wives have only one husband. Divorce and polygamy is allowed in cases of extreme need. Getting married can be up to three times (for example Dazhbog). Was supposed to celebrate the great feasts and keep jobs. Testament (Acts Svarog) sanctified authority Chamber. Higher princely power was hereditary. Chamber could excommunicate the prince of the power, if things were not acceptable to people of Prince. In this last section of the Act (NT) is the reason why Prince had Baptism of Russia. They hoped in this way to obtain unlimited power, and with the help of the church they got it. And for the likes of "paganism" has followed the death penalty.

Wanted to erase the memory of the past forever. And in this direction achieved a lot. Even now have to prove the obvious, well documented. Prove that our ancestors had a real religion, moral civil code, the humane society and the family unit.

So many people you finance, trying to nullify the evidence, pass them off as a misunderstanding. Deliberately defame our past, many political science centers, and not only foreign but also working in Moscow. Thus, in Moscow is doing Doctor of Anthropology and Ethnology of the Russian Academy of Sciences VA Shnirelman successfully running simultaneously in Jerusalem at the Hebrew University. Its really very interested and "Veles book" Myths and paganism. In his books, he draws our past one black. "Veles book" of course, in his opinion, a fake. He was echoed by University of Washington professor of strategic studies W. Lakker. This thankless exercise busy and our homegrown "market", who believe that you can sell anything, even their ancestors.

In this situation, we have to unite and tell our friends and family of their rich spiritual heritage, to show them who were our ancestors, so — who are we.

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