The water level in the rivers of the Kuzbass is collapsing due to heat

Municipalities and the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Kuzbass will deliver water to the towns that are away from the water, due to constantly falling water levels in waterways of the area due to the heat wave, said on Wednesday the press service of the Kemerovo region.

"Due to the hot weather in the Kuzbass, a dramatic drop in the water level in rivers, boreholes and wells. Thus, the level of Tom at the village Krapivin falls to 10 centimeters a day, at the village Polomoshnoe Yashkinskogo area — 15 inches a day," said in- message.

The press service added that the governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev in an address to the heads of the cities indicated that in addition to its own reserves, company owners are attracted to the transport of water to the villages, which are close to their organization.

From the end of May in the Kemerovo region established weather with temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius. As reported by the regional administration, the last time such a prolonged heat was about 30 years ago.

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