They see the dead?

September 1, 2012 21:57

Is there life after death? This question was relevant ten thousand years ago and remains the same today. Even believers sometimes indulge in doubt. What can we say about science or about atheists? Conclusive evidence has been found, and faith — not comfort to all. And yet, a lead that leads to the solution of one of the most fascinating mysteries of existence. It — people who have experienced clinical death and seen the famous "light at the end of the tunnel."


Clinical death — the transition between life and death, when the body can no longer do their job. There is no breathing, the heart does not beat. Person is actually dead.
Standard time of clinical death — five to seven minutes. Maximum — ten.

After that, the brain cells begin to die, not getting the oxygen they need. Fortunately, this condition is reversible, especially at the present level of medicine. If doctors have time to time, and resuscitation is successful, the dead back to life. Some of the survivors of such experiences do not remember anything. Others talk about the so-called "near-death experiences" that include out of body experience, communication with deceased relatives and by some higher power, the deformation of space and time, watching episodes of his past life, moving through a tunnel with a blinding light at the end … Continue list is long , the description of these experiences vary from person to person. It affects the age and emotional state before clinical death, religion and even the drugs that doctors use during treatment. Not surprisingly, the near-death experiences over inflames so much controversy, in which both believers and skeptics. What is really are these mysterious visions? Hallucinations dying brain or actual evidence of the existence of the soul and the afterlife?

The first study

Describe these visions exist at all times, but they have not engaged in science. The first attempt to apply a scientific approach to the near-death experiences are considered to be the study of the famous Swiss geologist Albert Heim XIX century. He noticed that the climbers are on the brink of life and death, there are subjective feelings out of his own body and look at it from the side. After analyzing the evidence, the game was first published his findings in a report to Congress of the Swiss Alpine Club in 1892. Based on a study of the facts geologist concluded that the subjective experience of the nearness of death remarkably similar in 95% of cases, regardless of the circumstances.
Dissemination of these data is not received, however, as the following experiments conducted physicist William Barrett and Dr. Karlis Osis, the beginning and the middle of XX century. But the book is American physician Raymond Moody, "Life After Life," published in 1976, caused a huge public outcry. In his work, Moody has analyzed about a hundred testimonies of patients were in a state of clinical death and faced with visions that accompany it. People interviewed did not know each other and are not fond of paranormal literature, but their descriptions of postmortem experiences matched almost word for word. Not everyone, of course. But with so much evidence it was impossible to attribute it to coincidence.

MEDICAL skepticism

The first scientific explanation postmortem visions and sensations suggested in the 80-ies of XX century by the famous Soviet Critical Care Medicine, Academy of Medical Sciences Vladimir Negovskaya. He believed that the main elements of mysterious phenomena — nothing more than a manifestation of malfunctioning brain dying. The patient talks about ringing, whistling, buzzing and loud noise? Violation of the auditory receptors. The bright light at the end of the tunnel? Damage to the occipital lobes of the cortex plus incorrect work of the pole occipital lobes — that's you and "tubular" vision. The brain controls our entire body — all the feelings, visions and thoughts are born in it, and there is nothing extraordinary in the fact that when dying, he is your master strange pictures.
Such medical, purely scientific point of view on the near-death experience of a set of elements, called the "phenomenon Moody" — in honor of the author of "Life After Life". These conclusions are now the foundation of dogmas resuscitation and medicine in general.
Materialists and skeptics believe — another explanation is not necessary and can not be. However, even considering the undoubted competence Negovsky and other physicians in matters of the human brain, their research does not provide answers to other manifestations of near-death experiences, some of which did not fit into the theory of modern science.

Over the edge of scientific approach

The main problem of a scientific theory is that if you follow it, the human brain is unable to transmit sensations directly during clinical death. According to all the medical checks, without access to oxygen cortex "silent." However, if you rely on the facts collected by Dr. Moody and other researchers near death experience, a natural question arises: why do people who experience clinical death, see themselves, doctors, nurses, as if from outside, from outside his own physical body? One woman accurately described a surgical instrument that had never seen before. Other patients to the nearest second is the time when the doctor diagnosed stop their breathing and began resuscitation. There are also some incredible times when congenitally blind people spoke in detail about the events that they "saw" in the operating room at the time of near-death experiences. Testimonies collected by Dr. Kenneth Ring of the United States. To this day, no one can give a clear answer to the question how this is possible.
However, the point of view of parapsychology, the occult, and world religions is also not entirely clear. In two words — each pulling the blanket over. Some say that the near-death experiences — visual proof of the existence of the other world, and that is typical — unique to their religion. Others argue that people who have experienced clinical death, have a unique astral experiences and psychic abilities. Others — that feeling of peace, serenity and the presence of higher beings in such cases — a terrible trap for innocent souls, who arranged the forces of Hell, seeking to encourage a person to ultimate death. It should be noted that it is this theory of the least plausible — virtually all people who have visited "beyond", there is no desire to return there immediately, no matter how tempting they may be seeing.


It just so happened that a comprehensive study of "near-death" experience creates more questions than answers. One thing is certain: the vast majority of people who have gone through clinical death and returned back, leave something THERE. This is — the fear of imminent death, the inevitability of personality dissolution into nothingness. Almost all of them there is the belief that the death of the physical body life does not end. Avid atheists accept faith, skeptics do not find the usual arguments.
In our world there are not many times when people face to face can face with something that goes beyond his comprehension. And if such a collision is "light at the end of the tunnel" after-death experiences, it makes no sense to take away from him hope for the afterlife. In the end, the fact that the return from the other world a couple of hundred years ago was considered a miracle.

Sergey Yevtushenko

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