Thousands of Japanese came to see the baby giant panda

Several thousand people visited the zoo on Friday in the Japanese prefecture of Wakayama, to admire the giant panda cub, which was born on August 10, television channel NHK.

The cub born to 11-year-old panda Rauhin and 19-year-old Eymeyya at the Zoo "Adventure World", one of the few in Japan, which boast large aviary with pandas.

Born female weighs now about 343 grams and reaches the shoulder about 25 inches.

The administration of the zoo said that the little panda nurse her mother regularly, and her health is good. Pup growth is stable.

Visitors to the zoo after standing long hours turn to watch the baby panda was first mastered his new home, clinging to his mother and is still walking unsteadily with her cage.

This is the second baby bamboo bear, who came to Japan for the first time in 24 years.

The first baby was born on July 5 this year at the Zoo "Ueno" in Tokyo, but, sadly, the administration of the park, and all the people in Japan died a week later. His parents, seven-year male Li-Li and female Shin Shin, were put China in the lease to the Japanese zoo "Ueno" for 80 million yen (more than 960 thousand dollars) per year for a period of ten years.

Panda — the unofficial symbol of China. All in the world is 1.6 thousand pandas, mainly in Sichuan province. In captivity outside China now live only 30 pandas — in Austria, Australia, Spain, the USA, Thailand and Japan.

So-called "panda diplomacy" PRC uses quite active, periodically sending "bamboo bear" in different countries. Under the existing rule, the baby panda born from donated or lent to another country temporarily animals always come back to China.

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