Three struck by lightning in the nations of the Orthodox Church


Three men who identify themselves as pagans, was struck by lightning at the Orthodox Church of Moscow. One died, two others were taken to hospital in Moscow suburbs.

In the suburban village of Old Kuz'minki evening on Saturday by a lightning strike near the church was struck by three young men. Men 32 and 27 years old miraculously survived, and their 29-year-old friend died. One of the survivors of young people admitted that he and his comrades — pagans and worshiped ancient Slavic gods.

The deceased Roman Chizhov

— Lightning hit a group of people held near the Church of the Assumption, about eight o'clock in the evening on June 15 — According to the law enforcement agencies.

Who arrived at the emergency room doctors were forced to admit the death of 29-year-old Roman Chizhov.

Injuries from a powerful electric shocks were also 27-year-old Kirill Volkov and 32-year-old Daniel Zgonnikov. The two young men with a diagnosis of "lightning strike" admitted to the district hospital.

On the day of friends went swimming in the sweltering city pond in the village of Old Kuz'minki. Around 7:00 pm the weather began to deteriorate, and the guys came back to Moscow. On the way to the stop they found the storm.

— First, they waited out the rain under a tree, and when the thunder had died down, left, and at that moment a flash of lightning, — the father of the victim Sergey Zgonnikov. — All three fell to the ground and even thrown three meters. But Daniel and Kirill immediately woke up, but the third one killed them.

29-year-old Roman, in which lightning ripped clothes, trying to save the rector of the church of the Assumption, Fr Vladimir.

— One fell down immediately, the other two also fell, but then woke up and came to my church — told Life News priest. — I just confessed after the service. When the last man confessed — were heard terrible discharges of thunder. I still wanted to close the window, I thought, suddenly a fireball flies.

Bloodied and Cyril Daniel came to the priest and told him that their friend was killed by lightning.

— He was lying on the road. Was stripped to the waist, because they were going to swim. And shorts — ripped to shreds. They called the ambulance, was asked what to do. We were told — CPR — continues Fr Vladimir. — They tried to bring him back to life, but failed. He was at first a dark, as if charred. When they began to massage it went, but he was not breathing and his pupils did not react to light.

Drove up in a place 20 minutes later emergency physicians said the priest, and companions of the deceased, that it was impossible to save the Roman — was a bit too strong.

— To my shame, I do not know whether it was possible to do something — lamenting his father, Vladimir. — Some say that there are some stun, which can make the heart, but we have not been able to.

Survivor Daniel Zgonnikov on Monday went to work. As it turned out, he had received an injury not serious.

— We are a company of seven people vacationing at the lake. Part of the guys went away, and the three of us were planning to get to Moscow by train — says Daniel. — When went back, saw that the cloud is terrible, would quickly be reached.

Shower guys caught halfway. The boys were walking ankle-deep in the water when they suddenly was scattered in different directions.

— At first I did not understand what happened. Only then realized that it was lightning — admitted Daniel.

When asked what he thought about the strange set of circumstances and of the impact of the heavenly rank outside the church, the young man replied that all the guys in their company — pagans and worshiped ancient Slavic deities.

Personal page of the deceased Roman Chizhov in one of the social networks is replete with images of nationalist symbols, wishes "in the New Year to burn in hell." In the "hometown" means "Moscow Khanate" in their favorite books, "The Antichrist," Nietzsche and the "Fighting Christians" by Jack London, and music — Slavic hardcore National Socialist Black Metal.

The press service of the GSM RF IC in the Moscow region reported on the fact that the incident is conducted investigation verification.

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