To the west of the elite there is no law, neither honor nor conscience

To the west of the elite there is no law, neither honor nor conscience
Millions of those who believed in what they were for the West — "our" will be the most mercenary way to throw

I'm not going to comment on that difficult absurd concerning Libya, which now comes with all the screens and sweeps of all microphones. The already clear that there is little to NATO launched a ground operation that controlled NATO forces commit mass murder and genocide of civilians produce, that the drawings that convey the so-called. "News agencies", almost completely staged and really do not have a business, etc., etc. In the end, the Web can be found and the truth about the events in Libya. I wish the brakes on a very different circumstance.

Actions in Libya showed that now, after the elimination of the alternative of a global project for the elite of the Western project is no law, neither honor nor conscience (conscience, in general, have never had them, it's — specificity of the project). More precisely, it is only valid for the "Fire", which is becoming a less and less. And then there is fundamentally a question: why all the economic actors believe that they can expect a different fate than the people of Libya?

Therefore they are used to living well? Well, and the inhabitants of Libya also used to — now will withdraw, while unlikely in today's generation of life happiness will return. NATO is unlikely to stop there to destroy and kill Gaddafi memory of all of its positive acts now to them a matter of life or death, and the potentials of Libya and NATO are incommensurable. And the dead and the wounded, which hide it does not, be blamed on Afghanistan, Iraq, or a couple of plane crashes.

Since they — "our"? And why, in fact, they have taken it? Immigrants from Africa and Asia, too, were eager to Europe, so they have recorded in their "own". Now it is almost clear that it will end badly for them: in almost all European countries almost inevitably return last nationalism, perhaps in the form of fascism. After all, in 1930. from the Baltic to the Dark Sea in Europe was fascism, it completely fits into the "European values", and the economic crisis at the moment will be stronger than when unemployment reached a measly 40% of the active population.

Maybe countless businessmen, "Winner", "make" themselves over the last 30 years, thanks to the fact that for correct behavior and personal activity, they gained access to the equity money, thinking that they — "our"? But then the economy has already begun. Shred monetary sector in the world economy until the second world war was less than 10% by the 1970s. it rose to 20%. And now the financial sector redistributes to its advantage up to 70% of profit generated in the economy, wherein the economy itself has grown since that time two times. This means that the absolute monetary sector (or in which a which in the main, and created the state of the last decade) should be reduced by an order concerning — 3-4 times. This means that the total number of the world's richest contract in a couple of times, or, in other words, three out of four of today's "own" the rich become poor. The question is: will those people who "held" in the last decade, or whose riches come from the past centuries?

We translate everything said on the Russian language again. The concept of "friend or foe" recently as part of the Western global project will fundamentally change while in favor of a sharp (at times!) Reducing the number of these "friends". Thus no one will explain to them: say, guys, hand over the currency, be quiet and go and get coupons for free soup itself and the whole family, because who does not have time — he will be late and golodovat. There will be different. Pochetaemye and worthy of news agencies and consultants will explain to them that the Libyan rebels have seized Tripoli … oh, that is, that starts booming in the recent "femtotehnologicheskoy" industries, and there is an urgent need to invest all funds, particularly since there — the future. A means suddenly disappear … Or, that the state of the banking system in one way or the other — and not just bad, but "just vaasche" and later the banks will begin to fall apart there, along with the means trusting people to be completely sincerely wonder: how so, they — "our" … And some even begin to apply to the courts wholeheartedly believing that somewhere in London are bona fide. Between "friends" — maybe not tried (well, I can not, so for them, I certainly do not "own"), but between "their" and "foreign" … Well, try it now Gaddafi to sue on quite boorish confiscation of its assets …

I repeat again, because this topic is not just a concept, but very basic. In the decades before the "Western" global project extended, he could afford for themselves and expand its elite at the expense of "tolerated" until funds are created in (including through the work of a powerful propaganda machine) feeling that they — their "own". Now everything has changed, and all of these people (millions of people!) Are the most mercenary way to throw. In this case, the same propaganda machine will explain to them that it — not the result of purposeful policy, and their personal difficulties arising from the fact that they are in one moment and suddenly become "losers." Apparently, he had a bad dream, or ate anything …

I propose to consider the text as a warning to those who considered his life last decade successful. Compare your life with the life of people of Libya, who also believed that oil — their total, and they belong to, respectively, of the proceeds from this oil. So here goes: you expect the same thing at the same time very recently. And if you do not want to fall victim to a variety of problems to act is already at the moment. And it is not the voice of the later that you were not warned!

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