Traditional Russian culture. Little-known facts of ancient history

Viktor Vasnetsov, 1910 Photo:

Viktor Vasnetsov, 1910 Photo:

How lived the ancient Slavs and Aryans, we can learn from ancient texts, such as the Russian Veda. Slavic-Aryan Vedas were written on gold plates over 40,000 years ago. They set out the history of settlement of the Earth, knowledge of the laws of nature, the commandments of our ancestors and forecasts for the future events. Although these sacred texts were for a long time, now they are made public and available for inspection to the public.

In ancient times, the fertile land in the ancient province of Asia (Asia), which lies to the east of the mountains Rhipaean (Ural) beyond the sea Aryan (Lake Baikal), and from the cold sea Daariyskogo (Arctic Ocean) to the greatest Himavat mountains (Himalayas) lived four kinds of aces, the descendants of the ancient heavenly gods, and four kinds rasichey. Asiya was powerful ancient nation of white people in the Asian part of the mainland, in the ancient sources, it was called the Great Tartary.

Ancient Asa began to move into Asia from Daarija holy land, which was the sunken continent in the Arctic Ocean, long ago, at a time when the sky was three moons: Lola, the period of revolution around the Earth Midgard (Earth) 7 days , Fattah, the orbital period — 13 days The month period — 29.5 days. According to ancient sources, while the sun was setting over the horizon, for in those days, the planet Earth was not yet tilt the Earth's axis.

Initially, many generations old ace settled only along the quietest Iria (the ancient name of the modern river Irtysh). Earth Iriy tech north to the country Daarija (also called Arctida, Hyperborea, the North, and so forth), and a continuation of the grand Heavenly Iria, which falls from the heavens to the vast mountains of Erie (Mongolian Altai, which originates river Iriy quietest in the great province of Asia). The river carried the force of grace, and people called it a clean source of life. Because of heavenly purity water Iria lived-wise and ancient land of plenty aces named Belovodye.

Vseslav old — one of the greatest storytellers of the Chronicler, said:

"As in the homeland, in Belovodyushke,
In the Holy Land, but in the divine
Proceeded Iriy wide-Father,
He said to the deepest tech Daarija.
From the mountains of Erie Toril it your way
After thousands of miles to the sea blue
Through the woods and it flowed Dubravushka,
Springs fed, chalk Rechenka.
He knew a lot on his way,
Beauty beheld on Midgard-Earth
Retains heat Jasna sun,
Gave his famous Rasicham "

There is an ancient tradition that Prophetic Boyan (old Russian singer and storyteller, "pesnotvorets") in the early years be studied hymns and ancient traditions to Harati, who was very old, and recorded Vseslav.

Apart Iria, flowed, and other rivers in that area. In the scriptures it is written that the children gathered Vendogard Erie Clans of the Great Race, and many descendants of Rod Heaven with all the border, and praised the gods, and brought in a bloodless sacrifice, as thanksgiving for another Urozhaynoye summer. Vendogard Erie — an ancient city on the bank of the Irtysh River, discovered by archaeologists near the district center Bolshereche in Omsk region. Excavations began in 1998. Vendogard Erie was classified by archaeologists to monuments proto-culture, and received informal modern name — Newark. Then there was a very productive time.

People believed in the gods, and the gods to help people. With the greatest respect, they worshiped God Rod, and established in honor of the great Light of God Family mart and fun festivities. And they came to these great mart of all tracts (settlements in very holy place) and hermitages Urmanskoye (taiga settlement) srebrovlasye wise elders, storytellers, in order to tell people the Ancient Wisdom, which saved them Childbirth for many thousands of generations rasichey. People gathered to listen to stories of the Magi, for example, Ratimiru who was called Nightingale for his melodious voice.

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