Traditional Russian culture. On morality and laws of being

How lived the ancient Slavs and Aryans, we can learn from ancient texts such as the Vedas and the Russian as you would never know from the Great Soviet Encyclopedia. Slavic-Aryan Vedas written on gold plates over 40,000 years ago. They set out the history of settlement of the Earth, knowledge of the laws of nature, the commandments of our ancestors and forecasts for the future events. Although these sacred texts were for a long time, now they are made public and available for inspection to the public.

Ancient people believed that in order to achieve immortality, to get out of the circle of rebirth — the circle of pleasure. When one worships the outside world, he suffers. He knew that "the desire of others" entails anger and lust. Only persistent people, those who live according to conscience, those who have overcome the feelings and passions with knowledge, can transcend death.

The ancients understood the importance of caring for parents, and knew how they care for their parents, and the children take care of them in old age. They defended the weak: the elderly, women and children. Know how not to be seduced overseas gifts. They tried to live so that in the first place to think of others and help others in need. They believed in the gods, and did not do harm to people of other faiths. They lived in peace and harmony with their neighbors. The ancients understood the importance of preserving their land.

Now alcoholism — one of the troubles of the Russian people. In the old days, people did not drink a lot of drunken, only in rare cases, and it was soft drinks: brew beer infusions. According to legend, three trees: oak, ash and birch are in force, and so people went to the trees to fuel energy.

Ancient ancient Russians knew that anger, lust, greed, delusion, lust, cruelty, murmuring, pride, sadness, desire of others, anger — it's flaws. And the pursuit of pleasure, hostility, boastfulness, greed, oppression of others, lies, weakness, hatred.

They cultivate the following qualities: honesty, modesty, patience, fortitude, absence of envy, compassion, commitment and hard. They also recognized the importance of introspection, dispassion and meditation.

Now, many people indulge in laziness, sloth, pride and other vices — to what ancient people tried to avoid. The ancients knew that greed destroys knowledge. When killed knowledge — and die of shame. When shame killed, oppressed but with the death of the truth dies happy. When killed lucky person dies.

Ancient people knew that before a man is always a choice. In the world there are both good and evil, but one must choose the side of good, not evil. They also knew that the light and dark forces exist not only on earth, but in heaven. They were hard-working and peaceful people. Tried to accumulate the good spiritual, not material. Very strictly refers to the ancient not to mix the blood, as seen, it leads to the death of nature.

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