U.S. diplomats accused of disrupting the signing of the instrument of trade

U.S. diplomats accused of disrupting the signing of an arms trade treaty

Conference UN failed to agree on the text of an international treaty on trade instrument, which must establish control over the import and export of various kinds of conventional weapons. This was reported on Saturday agency Associated Press.

Some diplomats accused of disrupting negotiations, the U.S., who said they needed more time to analyze the text. Source said, on condition of anonymity, said Washington "has undermined the process", and significant progress before the November elections in the United States should not be expected. "Classy cowardice" on the part of white houses dubbed happened to Amnesty International. The representative of the United States has refused to answer questions from journalists after the end of the conference.

After the United States refused to negotiate contract, Our homeland and China have also asked for more time to his studies. In the end, the text signed by 90 countries, including all members of the European Union, all the countries of Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean. In order to contract began to operate, you need the approval of all 193 UN member states.

Export controls guns installed in almost all countries of the world remembers agency, but one international treaty that defines the general approach, has not been previously. The need for such a document, it was stated at the UN General Assembly in 2006. Editors, who open a discussion at the conference from July 3, prepared the representative of Argentina to the UN Roberto Garcia Moritán.

It is understood that the fate of the upcoming contract trading instrument will be resolved at the next UN General Assembly session, which begins in September. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed disappointment that the talks failed, but noted that the conference did a great job, which will become the basis of subsequent efforts.

The world market instruments valued at 60 billion dollars, recalls the agency. His views on human rights defenders, international contract reduce the possibility of getting guns into the hands of terrorists, insurgents and organized criminal groups.

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