U.S. prepares for the biggest flare on the Sun


Government advisers and scientists need to take action to save the Earth from solar storms that shut off power grid in the United States in 2013.

It is expected that the state power grid and the U.S. GPS will disappear when the energy of sunlight to reach the explosion of the planet.

The sun reaches the peak 11-year cycle of solar storms in the next year, and magnetic storms can disable most of the electrical devices of the Earth. A major storm in 1859 has disabled the telegraph system of the time — but today the world is far more dependent on electricity.

Space scientist, professor of Oxfordshire, is fighting to save the Earth from solar storms, which, experts fear, sow chaos around the world next year.

Professor Mike Hapgood, who chairs the Expert Group on Space Environment (SEIEG) and advises the government on space weather, says the solar storm generated by flares on the sun, can disable the national grid and a global positioning system.

He believes that the magnetic radiation from the storm will lead to widespread power cuts, plunging into the darkness of homes and business buildings.

Eye of the Storm: solar eruption with a temperature of about 50,000 degrees Celsius that can turn off the national grid United States, along with many electrical systems throughout the world.

Professor Hapgood, a graduate of Oxford, warned: "A large magnetic storm can pass through the Earth's crust, passing an electric current through the aluminum or copper conductors of state power system, which could lead to a blackout across the country."


The interaction with the Earth's atmosphere can affect radio signals. If the scale of large storms, GPS may not work in a few days.

July 21 this year on the back side of the Sun had a very strong energy spike. If he had reached Earth, we would have fallen on serious geomagnetic storm. "

All modes of transport, including aircraft, dependent on GPS, and if the system suddenly collapses, the consequences can be deadly.

He said: "My main task is to explore the most serious consequences of such a scenario. This is a major event that may have a significant impact on GDP. "

State Energy relies on warnings from the spacecraft, equipped with the equipment since Rutherford, although development plans are being developed.


Detection: ACE — Advanced Composition Explorer, an American research unit conducting the chemical and isotopic composition of the obtained materials — studying particles from the solar, interplanetary, interstellar and galactic origin

Magnetic storms on Earth are caused by coronal mass ejections (CMEs) on the Sun, when large clouds of gas held by the magnetic field of the sun, suddenly pulled out into the wild.

When magnetic storms penetrate the Earth's crust, direct current can meet with alternating current state network and transformer overload, leading to failures in the system.

Professor Hapgood explained that currently there is only one way of protection.

"It sounds illogical, but the national grid to harness the network to block the action of other currents."

Now we rely on American aid ACE, which measures the rate of solar flares, plasma volumes, moving toward the Earth, as well as their speed and density, but even so, we will get a warning only 20 minutes before the impact. "

Professor Hapgood warned that, although the peak of solar activity and the need for the next year, the Earth is constantly under threat.

"In the next year — the peak of activity. However, we can not find a connection between these peaks and major events such as the VCR. Early to relax and think that you are safe, the risk is always there. "

Experts have warned that the government should provide for all eventualities in respect of solar storms, which can cause a serious shortage of food and water.

In 1859, there was a so-called "Carrington Event" — a magnetic storm that hit the Earth — long before the Internet and GPS — and caused a failure of telegraph systems all over Europe and North America. Northern Lights is reported to have been seen as far south up to the State of Florida.

In 2009, a report funded by NASA, claimed that similar storms in our time will lead to a "catastrophe on a planetary scale."

Studies have outlined the likely devastating consequences. For instance, the storm could leave half of the United States without electricity in less than 90 seconds, coal is over 30 days and the country will need a decade to recover.

Financial losses at such an outcome are estimated at 1.5 trillion pounds — and that's just for the first year.

Professor Hapgood in an interview with New Scientist magazine in 2009, said: "I do not think that the report exaggerated. It is transparent and balanced. "

The substance, the separated during the "Carrington Event" in 1859, was moving so fast that it reached Earth in 15 minutes.

The main author of the report, Daniel Baker of the University of Colorado, said he hoped that the report will make the first persons to take action.

"Teach the politicians is very difficult, and this is especially true when these rare events. But we are getting closer and closer to a possible disaster, "he added.

What outbreak threatens U.S.

— Unlike many recent natural disasters, a strong solar flare will cause serious consequences in the developed countries.

— Balls of plasma erupting from the surface of the sun can destroy our modern system of electricity, which will draw power as an antenna, and quickly reloaded.

— This will have an impact on many of the systems that support our livelihoods, including water supply and wastewater treatment, medical cold storage, delivery to supermarkets, control power plants and financial markets.

— To restore the grid, you will need to replace the melted transformers, but their production may take about a year.

— Currently Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) NASA is the most important tool for monitoring space weather. It can warn of a magnetic storm for 15-45 minutes, and the energy companies need 15 minutes to prepare the system to the critical stresses.

— However, ACE for 14 years, he has been running longer planned service life, and his replacement is not planned.

— Professor Hapgood said: "We are seriously losing the possibilities of an early warning."

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