UFO captured the minds of people: Russian newspaper

August 19, 2012 8:17

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36 percent of Americans believe that UFOs exist and only 17 percent of this disagree. The others in the matter undecided. But 77 percent believe that aliens visited Earth, 80 believe that the government hides from the public the truth about UFOs. These are represented in the country, which left all far behind in the number of Nobel prizes and is the head of the worldwide scientific and technical progress.
And what about Russia? Russians are increasingly skeptical of UFOs extraterrestrials adherents varies according to different polls from 15 to 25 percent. Regarding the various supernatural phenomena, the picture is as follows: a recompense for the sins of 13 percent believe in horoscopes — 30, in signs — 50, in eternal life — 20. Against this background, do not surprise presentation of Russian space: about 30 percent of our fellow citizens were told that the sun revolves around the earth.

The vast majority of Russians (90 percent) know about his zodiac sign, of which almost 60 percent sure that it has the features that are ascribed to people born under its sign. With age, a growing number of those who believe in God, 71 percent of seniors in the young group — 54. At the same time, young people more than older ones, tend to believe in some kind of supernatural power (16 percent) and horoscopes (17). Finally, among the 18-24-year-old most of those generally in any supernatural phenomena and do not believe — 22 percent of them, while only 16 of pensioners.

Once upon a time, people believed in the supernatural, because trying to understand what they could not explain. In ancient times, they do not understand why every day the sun rises and sets, so they invented the myth that a huge chariot drags it across the sky. Did not understand how the disease can be transmitted from one person to another, why children are born dead, why drought occurs or there is a flood. What was left but faith, as if all these phenomena are caused by something supernatural.

But why now, when science is so developed and found answers to many questions, belief in the paranormal persists and is getting stronger? Still outside XXI century with its amazing achievements in science. Where does this commitment to the wonders of fiction, to fairy tales?

This phenomenon has long been addressed by many Western scholars. And first of all psychologists. The American professor Brian Cronk sees a very simple explanation: most people want to believe it. "The human brain is always trying to understand why something is happening, and where the cause is unclear, it invents all sorts of bizarre explanations" — says Cronk. He was echoed by Professor Christopher Bader: people are people, and they have always believed and will believe in the supernatural: the gods, ghosts, a snowman, a UFO. Over time, the only change is a matter of faith. For example, now few people believe in fairies, but seized the minds of the UFO.

Is it too simple look at the amazing phenomenon? And, perhaps, the belief in the paranormal has something to do with religious faith? This question has been studied many times, and so far scientists have come to an interesting conclusion: the deeply religious people are very skeptical about everything paranormal, their faith is directed only to his God. But those who rarely attend church (1-2 times a year), are inclined to believe in the supernatural, are interested in horoscopes, Bigfoot, UFOs, visit psychics, etc. Very interesting fact revealed Americans Bryan Farha and Gary Steward. Belief in the supernatural — from astrology to opportunities to make contact with the dead — increases during college: 23 percent of freshmen and 34 percent — of the graduates. Just want to ask what is being taught? However, some scientists believe that in this case is just that simple. Students like to believe in strange things, because it's fun. They are tired of the rational world of physics and astronomy, he brings on many boredom. And of course, very serious work paranormalschinu whole industry. It is easy to sell. If so, then the TV program rating time clogged gears of miracles with thrashing advertising, book stores are full pseudoscience. And all of these fictions and myths presented as facts.

The scientists also is formidable: to prove that something does not exist. When opponents do not bother to proof to the contrary. They have enough faith …

Yuri Medvedev

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