UFO: raids on Washington in 1952

February 4, 2013 19:19

Radar-visual sightings that occurred over Washington from 19 to 20 and from 26 to 27 July 1952, included not only in the history of ufology. U.S. Air Force, fighting off attacks by the press, have been forced to convene the most large-scale news conference since the Second World War!

July 19, 1952 at 23.40 Nyudzhent Edward, an air traffic controller at Washington National Airport, said the radar screen in the corner of a group of seven levels. They moved with a speed of 100 miles per hour is 15 miles south-southwest of the capital.

No planes there should not have been, and are not moved by the level prescribed by the flight routes. Nyudzhent immediately inform your head HJ Barnes, chief manager of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and joked about the "squadron of flying saucers." "We immediately realized that something strange happens — said Barnes. — The movement of objects radically different from conventional aircraft flight. They did not follow any rate, did not keep order … Any of the marks could temporarily disappear from the screen. Then I realized that if the objects to make sudden jerks at high speed, it could look like a temporary disappearance. "

Two other controllers checked the radar equipment to make sure it is working properly. When they did not find any fault, Barnes called his colleagues in the other tower radar central airport, located a quarter mile. Barnes was responsible for long-distance radar detection in a range of 70 miles and a colleague sent aircraft during landing approach with radar homing. Howard Barnes Konkin said that his radar is also fixed objects. And not only — when he looked out the large window towers, he saw one of the objects as "a bright orange light." When objects are scattered throughout the sector surveillance, moving over the White House and the Capitol, Barnes called to Andrews Air Force Base, located in 10 miles to the east, and asked if they knew anything about these objects. Civil air traffic controller on the base said that the only aircraft, which they know is a transport C-47 one-hour flight from the capital. Immediately followed by a second call: Call the pilot, who said he saw the strange objects in the sky near the base. He offered them a manager, William Brady, who picked it up, look to the south. Brady saw "an object that looked like an orange fireball with a tail trailing behind him, in his eyes he was about two miles to the south, 1.5 miles from the base. He was very bright and clear, not like anything I've seen before, and made a bit of a circular motion. "

He shouted to all who were on the rig, look at the object, but before he could say it's a UFO stopped and flew away with incredible speed, disappearing in a split second.
"After a few seconds, — said Brady inquirer BBC — I saw another one of the same object. Like the first, he moved like an arc, and then disappeared. Both objects were visible for about a second. " All the others who were on the rig, did not have time to see objects or looked not to the right place.
Within a few minutes, Brady called again, saying that the unidentified targets are to the east and west of the base of Andrews. Runways base repaired at this time, so there could not rise fighters, but they can be called from Newcastle Air Force Base in Delaware.

In the archives of the "Blue Book" states that 0.30 on July 20, that is, after 50 minutes, with the towers Brady experts aviation control center (ADC) saw another UFO — "orange disc at a height of about 3,000 feet."

On the runway at the airport was the Washington DC-4 aircraft, waiting for permission to take off. In the cockpit was the pilot of «Capital Airlines» SK Pearman. He saw a glowing blue-white object flashed on the horizon. Pilot thought it was a meteor, but after takeoff, diverted from the central radio tower at ADC, learned that the radar shows the presence of unidentified objects in the nine miles from his plane. Then the ground reported that the UFO nahodnyatsya four miles and approach. Pearman saw the bright white lights moving quickly across the sky.

In just 14 minutes of the flight, he saw six lights.
"Each observation coincided with the marks that we have seen at his airplane — said Barnes. — When the pilot reported that the fire sped off at high speed, otmeka on our screen also disappeared. " According to Pearman, UFOs "went up out of the field of view for 3-4 seconds." Radar homing on the central tower is also a fixed lens, which gradually decreased, flew on one level and then suddenly soared into the sky before they get out of range of radara.V 2am ADC warned Andrews Air Force base that moves them object. Dispatchers tried unsuccessfully to see it on your radar, but one of them, Captain Harold May, went outside and saw a bright light that changes color "from red to orange, then to green and turned red again. Sometimes it worsened rapidly losing altitude. " Mae later managed to convince himself that he had seen only a star!
At the same time, Sergeant Charles Davenport of the 1053rd Air Base Squadron ensure Andrews noticed an orange-red light to the south. He seemed still, and then makes a sharp jerk to the side and height. These jerks occurred several times. When Davenport tell ATC, they also observed the UFO a few seconds, until he disappeared from sight.

ADC found purpose about Bolling Air Force Base, located between the airport and the base of the Washington Andrews, and has warned its staff. Sergeant Don Wilson, who was in a mobile air traffic control tower, and saw a round orange fire is 7 miles to the south-east. Floating slowly down the UFO was seen in a few minutes. At 2.30 a security guard, who is not on duty, and saw the southwest object "the size of a golf ball, a bright orange color. He was moving from west to north-east, describing a semi-circle and flew as fast as he could not be a jet — in my estimation, from 1000 to 2000 miles per hour. It is difficult to judge how high he was flying because he was down and then climb. The object flew so a few times and then fled to the west. From the moment I saw the object until it disappeared was, one might say, about 15-20 minutes. "

At one point, the ADC, the central tower and a radar base Andrews recorded the same object hovering over a radio beacon Riverdale. During those 30 seconds, he stayed on the screens, controllers had to double-check, double reading. Suddenly the target disappeared — on all three screens at the same time.

At 3 am the UFO suddenly disappeared, and soon after there were two fighter Air Force Base Newcastle. Pilots were late in vain scoured the sky, while fuel is not coming to an end, and headed back to Delaware. As soon as they left, the UFO returned. For Barnes it was confirmation that UFOs are watching the talks on the radio and act in accordance with the information received. He said even before that, when directed DC-4 Pearman toward a goal, an object fly off away before the plane began to maneuver.

Shortly after the fighters had left, pilot Howard Dermott, who is at the controls of an aircraft approaching «Capital Airlines», said the fire, which took position behind him, when the plane was flying Herndon, pieces. Virginia. When he reported this to the Washington airport managers, both detected a radar exactly where pointed Dermott. The screens could be seen that the UFO flew off to the side for a distance of 4 miles from the airport.

The apparent indifference of the military for creative over Washington puzzled Barnes. He was twice called in the military years of service (Military Flight Service) and the second time I heard only that "information is transferred to their superiors."

At 3:30 Sergeant Davenport saw a bluish-silver UFO at tree level. He was flying erratically, swaying from side to side. He flew three of smaller objects in red and carried away with great speed to the east, away from view.

UFO radar lock lasted until dawn. The last episode occurred at 5.30, 7 or 8 when UFOs were detected on the radar screen of ADC.

In light of the early morning civilian radio engineer William E. Chambers, who did not know about the night turmoil saw the UFO closest. He described them as five large disks circling in the sky. Then they banked and soared at a steep angle.

Later in the interview Barnes said that the UFO "became most active about aircraft that we saw on the screen. They acted as a group of children during play, driven innate curiosity. Sometimes they flew as a squadron or group, and at other times one by one, the scattered over a large area … I could not come to any conclusion other than the fact that for six hours, at least 10 unidentified objects flying over Washington. This was not a conventional aircraft, which can be judged by the movement of their marks on the screen. I can say that they perform maneuvers not available to any aircraft. I mean that on the screen it was obvious that they can make right angle turns or fly back without turning. These marks on the radar could not produce any natural phenomena, such as meteors, or clouds of atmospheric electricity. "

July 20 marks the strange continued to appear on the radar screens. Betty Ann Beyle, meteonablyudatel Andrews Air Force Base, said that the group targets flying formation, close to the runway base, flew over it and "scattered" with pieces in different directions. UFO commit unthinkable maneuvers at speeds over 900 miles per hour. Judging by radar, their diameter was between 100 and 200 feet. Beyle saw decoys on the radar because of temperature inversions and other weather effects, but this was something completely drugoe.Kapitan Edward Ruppelt, project manager for the U.S. Air Force UFO "Blue Book", was at the time in Washington. However, he learned about the incident only in the morning on July 22, after reading about it in the papers! In addition, local military refused to provide an official car to investigate the incident, and had to do Ruppeltu public transport. Soon, he was ordered to go back to Dayton. It was clear that the military in Washington did not want to continue the investigation.

The military soon calmed down: the evening on July 26 the same thing happened!

At 20.15 the pilot and flight attendant aircraft «National Airlines» observed several objects, similar to the "lights a cigarette" in the sky. UFO flying at a speed of 100 miles per hour. Soon Washington airport radar base Andrews recorded more than a dozen unidentified targets across the sky, except the south-west. They flew at a speed of 90-100 miles per hour. Base Andrews requested air support from the Air Force base in Newcastle 21.00. Objects were visible not only on the radar, but the naked eye. One witness, Sergeant (his name crossed out), said: "These lights are reminiscent of meteors. For them there was no cables, and they are going out, but not extinguished. They flew faster than any meteor I've ever seen. "

Between 9.15 and 9.30 ADC sent a plane B-25 to check out a few marks on the radar screen, but the crew did not see anything, but tried again and again. According to the pilots, they were decoys, reflecting back on some objects on the ground.

This time E. Ruppeltu called in Dayton, when the "carousel" over Washington was in full swing. But do not call the military, and the magazine reporter «Life» Bob Ginna. Describing the incident, he asked the question, what will the BBC. Ruppelt said sharply: "I have not the slightest idea. Most likely, nothing. "
The first who came to watch the Washington airport UFO was Albert Chop — spokesman for the Air Force, who, however, had no military rank and a civilian:

"July 26th at midnight I was awakened by the phone. Called a representative of Public Relations Department of the Washington CAA (can not remember his name). My home is in Alexandria, a few miles from the airport. The caller said that controllers at the airport again recorded a large number of UFO over the area of the Capitol. They came at 9 pm, and soon information was leaked to the press, and now "many reporters trying to rip our door off its hinges." He asked me to come to the airport to take control in your hands (making public statements on UFOs were the prerogative of the Air Force).

I said that I am going, and called Deveyu Major Fournet, who is responsible for the project while the "Blue Book" through intelligence. He promised to join me in the ADC. Quickly dressed, I went to the airport and arrived there around 0.40 on July 27. On the way, I kept looking at the sky. It was a relatively clear night, only scattered clouds floated. I did not notice anything, although CAA representative mentioned, though some of the pilots and ground crew reported "bright lights" in the sky.

Arriving in the ADC, I briefly spoke to the assembled reporters and said he will try to do for them soon statement on behalf of the Air Force. There were reporters of news agencies, local newspapers, radio and television stations, several of the magazines and photographers.

I went into the room where the radar screen. Presented the main dispatcher HJ Barnes, I walked with him to the screen. Around were a few controllers. The screen could be seen a few planes, marked with small plastic markers in pencil flight number. In addition to these common goals had a number of similarities in appearance purposes, marked as "unknown." At different times there were 6 to a dozen or more.

"Unknown" appears suddenly in different places on the screen. They moved to a distinct path, just as airplanes. Distinguished by their speed of movement: UFOs were moving too fast for the aircraft, although the form of the signal on the screen did not differ from the ordinary type of aircraft. In addition, the movement of the "unknown" appeared chaotic at times they were for some time on a certain path, then suddenly disappeared. Others suddenly appeared in various places on the screen, and some remain visible for a long time.
Barnes talked with controllers based on Andrews and operators from the tower. We have supported this relationship through the night, with the purpose of recording the long base and made sure that all three radar recorded the same objects.
For about an hour the night came to the Center Major Fournet, taking the Air Force radar specialist. After seeing the radar screen, he said that the purpose of, in his opinion, are solid objects.

I called the command post at the Pentagon. It works 24 hours a day, and his duties include leadership of military operations in any critical situation that may arise suddenly. Chief of the command post is always an officer or admiral rank General. I explained the situation and asked him to send from Willington fighter-interceptors. Then I handed the phone to Major Fournet, he confirmed that the interceptors should be sent and reported on the findings of our expert on radar.

Around 2 am I allowed the press to take a look at the radar screen, and said that we are waiting for the interceptors. The representative of the magazine «Life» asked permission to photograph the screen. I had no objection, but before they set up their equipment, we were notified that the interceptors flew. Then I removed the reporters «Life» and the camera out of the room, explaining that the interceptor will use a secret signal system, and I do not have the authority to refuse these signals. Reporters «Life» furious and said that on Monday, I was dismissed. I replied, "Maybe so, but you can not stay in the room."

Together with dispatchers, Fournet and specialist on radar I looked at the screen. As soon as it had two military aircraft, our purposes unknown disappeared. We were amazed because the objectives were seen in the past few hours.
Barnes established radio contact with the pilots. He was replaced by Fournet, and he sent one plane to the north and the other south of the Capitol, saying that all of the unknown target disappeared.

We kept planes in the area for about 10 minutes and then let them go at the lack of goals. They flew away and disappeared from the screen. Precisely at a time when we lost radar contact with the aircraft, unidentified targets again appeared on the screen. It looked scary.

Dispatchers at Andrews Air Force Base and the tower confirmed return objectives. It was about 2.30 am.
Major Fournet immediately called to the command post and made aware of what is happening. He strongly insisted on a new effort to intercept.

At about 3 am, we were informed of the emergence of interceptors Willington. 20-30 minutes aircraft reappeared on the screen. This time, the "unknown" is still visible.

At the suggestion of Fournet Barnes again shared link: a single plane to the north, the other south. He tried in vain to send a plane north to where there were objective. Pilot reported that he saw nothing.
Barnes then went to work with a plane flying to the south of the city. First, the results were also negative. Then Fournet pointed to the accumulation of about 6 unknown targets in the southern sector. Barnes asked the pilot to coordinate. This aircraft had a call sign "Red Dog 2", and the north — "Red Dog-1."

Suddenly the "Red Dog 2" (Lt. William Patterson — MG) narrated: "Now I see them. They're right in front of me. They look like huge white lights, blue and white. Now they're all around me … It seems that they are going to link up to the point where I am … "

This post took about five minutes. On the screen we watched the flight of the "Red Dog 2" and saw the image of the aircraft moves to the "unknown purposes." We watched as he approached, and "unknown" surrounded the plane.

Then the "Red Dog 2" said, "Now they seem to be removed …" On the goal is really removed from the aircraft. Pilot said: "They are gone. I do not see them anymore. "

Fournet pilot asked to describe the "lights", but he had nothing to add to his words: "The white and blue lights." He flew to the area for about a minute, and then handed that flies to the base, as there is little fuel.
It was about 3.45. We watched the planes back to base. Our "unknown targets" were also visible. Aircraft went out of sight radar.

We continued to watch the maneuvers of targets, comparing their data with those of Andrews Air Force Base. I wrote briefly talks with the pilot of "Red Dog 2" and now view their records. Major Fournet made an oral report to the command post.

We notified reporters of what happened, saying simply that one of the pilots reported the visual detection of large white lights. We said that "unknown target" remain on the screen during the second attempt to intercept and expressed the hope that the BBC will analyze events and make an official explanation or statement.

Targets were visible on the screen until the early hours. They disappeared at dawn, at about five o'clock.
I left the airport and headed to my office in the Pentagon. There I rewrote a fair copy his notes and sent them to the command post, and copy — supervisor, and went home back to bed. "
Morning of July 27 Ruppelt Fournet called and asked if he could explain these objects as atmospheric phenomena. Fournet said no, and everyone in the radar room were convinced that it was a mark of "solid, metal objects." However, to reassure people, the Air Force at a press conference on July 29 stated that "Carousel" over Washington was called anomalous propagation of radio waves due to a temperature inversion, and UFOs were just a reflection of ground lights. Press conference have had the desired effect: according Ruppelta, "journalists from us unhook."

"About a week specialist radar Major Norman Lewis Jr. said Major Fournet, me and the captain Ruppeltu that we had in the nights in the Washington DC area temperature inversion was insufficient to capture the reflection of the radar began to surface facilities. According to him, so that the radar could respond to surface facilities, we need an inversion of the order of 10-17 ° F, — recalled Albert Chop. — According to the U.S. Weather Service, during the two nights a temperature inversion over Washington did not exceed 1 ° F. This information was not provided by the press. "

That observations over Washington can not explain temperature inversion, confirmed specialist in atmospheric physics, James MacDonald:

"UFOs have been reported in three radar installations in the Washington DC area, and sometimes all three received identical images, visual observations of these fast moving objects made from the ground and from the air (especially with a lot of air). Radar operators still insist that the reflected signals were strong, not what they are familiar with the reflections from the ground due to anomalous propagation of radio waves in a reversal …

I checked the data of radiosonde ascents on the two nights, calculated gradients in refractive index, and found that such things could take place. The assumption that the inversion, revealed radiosonde could cause visual effects that have been reported in the observations, is absolutely absurd. First of all, the inversion was very weak, so that even on the ground observers could not see mirages. Even worse is that the optics of mirages and "optics" of radar reflections are quite different in a number of characteristics, as decoys were not in the same place in the sky with visual and radar observations. Moreover, the most important visual observations were made in the air a few lines of commercial aircraft pilots and pilot jet, which was sent to one of the radar targets, heading over the Capitol. And finally, the temperature data for the height at which the aircraft flew, not even remotely describe the conditions of a mirage. "

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