UFO throws another unknown object

November 29, 2011 16:46

Comment on the sow — the source video:

Anthony (Today, 18:36)
If you watch video that offers a look Fuco from the very beginning, we can see that the sky suddenly there are two exhaust trail that leaves two luminous object.

What's going on a parallel course to the side by side. And, right, tries to break away from the fact that the left and right bank makes toward the audience, standing on the shore. But this he can not. Left object makes a roll and keeps going around.

And at this moment between them there is a series of red flares, and both objects explode into flames, immediately vapor trail takes a different color. Both ships were clearly lit, but continue to move in sync. And one of them is attempting to break away, making loops, drums, cabinets. But all to no avail. Second off, but not too far behind. At the time when the two ships lay in the opposite direction and fly close to the coast can be seen that the burning has become catastrophic, from both devices fall off huge chunks of that grief, falling.

At some point, both the machine falls to two, and they become first 4 and then 5 and after on the device, which no longer even tried to get away, and the third part. Future path without falling, and moving in synchronization continued for 5 burning objects. End of the story is not clear. Record ended at the most interesting. But if you look a similar record, shot in Oxford, it's clear that at some point, the devices schezli, and simultaneously. And it is unclear whether they are both burned and completely, or at the same time moved into another dimension.

Tell me, what is the earth's technique can fabricate: burn, crumble, reproduce, but continue to fly, and even move synchronously and following the exact same distance?

We must be completely made of wood, to assume that these vehicles belong to earthlings.

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