Ufologists about the consequences of nickel production in Novochopersk

November 4, 2012 4:29

Novokhopyorsk district — one of the most mysterious of the territory.
Plans to develop nickel deposits have spurred interest in these places by various experts: geologists, ecologists, archaeologists. Meanwhile, more than 20 years from the pages of the press do not leave messages about the amazing phenomena that take place in the so-called Novochopersk anomalous zone.

Numerous expeditions organized by famous explorer Henry silane discovered phenomena that can not be explained by modern science. The photographs depicted UFO shapes, plasma balls, produced by geological fault. Open an amazing effect "memory field": the film can distinguish the silhouettes of people and objects that were photographed place on a decade ago. The epicenter of the anomaly — Lake Zheltoyar — is only four dozen kilometers from the area of the planned development of copper-nickel deposits.
How can the mining area to the behavior? And it is safe to place the production in such an unusual place? With these questions, we turned to the experts studying Novochopersk anomaly.

Delicate balance

Alexander Sukhorukov, head of the Committee for the Study of anomalous phenomena in nature:
— This unexplored issue. Development resources at depths of several hundred meters — is a violation of the landscape, which greatly affect the overall energy of the territory. As part of biocenosis and plants and animals, and people are in harmony. Bioenergetic balance made up over centuries and millennia, and the slightest human intervention — even a simple pipe or electric cable — leads to negative consequences. Thus, the energy balance is very broken in the Moscow metro.
Huge pits also make serious disharmony. In areas of ore development, for example, in the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly or Stary Oskol observed energy anomaly. The man himself creates energy pits, from which it then difficult to escape. After all, man — being bioenergy and bio violation can lead to disease. The same effect could have a planned development and Novokhopersk area.
In Novochopersk anomalous zone observed natural phenomena, dangerous to humans. For example, power ascending and descending poles, which can not be found. Henry Silanov indicates that faults Novochopersk zone accumulates static electricity. And when a certain potential level can occur, followed by the release of the ball lightning and plasmoids. They pose a mortal danger to humans and can cause a fire.
Unfortunately, we have no specific data on the effect of nickel projects. But we know that in Norilsk people do not last long. Moreover, strongly affects not only the body but also the psycho-emotional sphere.

Hub of the universe

Alexander Mosolov, the deputy head of the section on the anomalous atmospheric phenomena at NTO RES them. AS Popov
— In nature, everything has a meaning and function. Anomalous zones of the planet, too, have a role, including environmental. I twice had to participate in expeditions to Novochopersk zone, and I came to the conclusion that this is no ordinary place of power. This is a place of power, a planetary scale, which produces vital energy, or, in the Indian term prana large areas of Europe. Perhaps not only Russia, but also in other countries.
Apparently, the ore bodies that lie there — it is purely physical portals that connect the core to the crust of the planet. This acupuncture point of the Earth, through which energy interchange with the cosmos. In expeditions we have seen with my own eyes the process: the colossal pillars of light coming from the stratosphere to the surface. Describe in detail the nature of the phenomenon can only science of the future. Anomalous phenomena — UFOs, plasmoids — in Novochopersk zone observed constantly. In this case, the local population is well and live long.

Do not change for coins

— If in these places start mining, energy links between the earth and the cosmos would be violated — warns Alexander Mosolov. — It's safe to say that our life will be worse and shorter. Is it worth it to exchange for small nickel coins? After all, there is enough ore no more than 25 years of production. But these places will be dead for centuries. And the result can be such natural disasters, which we do not have representation.
Effects of energy-production will be, perhaps, a serious environmental and economic. We ourselves must decide their fate. If we find the strength to follow the path of reason and spirit, then get out of this swamp. If not — the outcome, alas, will be fatal. Alien intelligence interfere in our lives. They affect our consciousness even just the fact that there are. Man, at least, looks up to the sky from the soup pot. But no alien intelligence will not save us from razrabrotchikov nickel. We have to make a choice, or turn into parasites, and parasites of the universe are not needed. In the next decade we have — a thesis project: we defend themselves or go to the primary processing.

Author: Yury Golubev

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