Ukrainian military dolphins will be trained on the new methodology

January 19, 2013 0:09

© Curioso |

© Curioso |

In the State Oceanarium of Ukraine, which is located in Sevastopol, the Black Sea began training again fighting dolphins. Their mission — strengthening the anti-sabotage defense Ukrainian ships on Soviet methods. Currently, training is ten bottlenose dolphins.

Aquarium staff developed a new technique of fighting dolphins. "In addition to the theoretical techniques developed and new attachments, but so far only in the drawings and without practice tests", — quotes "RIA Novosti" according to a source in the power structures of Sevastopol.

New ideas of scientists focused primarily on exploration activities in the water. We are talking about several new active sensor that will monitor activities dolphin under water and give him a command.
In this case, the expert does not rule out that dolphins can be used to restore a group of swimmers or mini-submarine with a subsequent attack.
As we reported earlier, the USN also attract the dolphins to perform combat missions. However, over the next five years of the most charming "soldiers" the U.S. Navy may be left without work because their place will be robots.

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