UN warns before a new food crisis

If the production of staple foods will not significantly increased in 2011, the international community expects a difficult period — a conclusion the authors of reports of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Global spending on food imports will exceed in This year,, UN agencies estimated one trillion dollars and go up to the peak level 2008.

"In a situation where pressure on world prices of most food products continues unabated, the international community should closely monitor the possible further negative impact on supplies to prapanavanne 2011y ", — the report says.

International prices could rise even higher if food production in the next year did not significantly increase …

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN has revised its forecast for world cereal production. According to new estimates, its volume will decrease by 2%, although in June of this projected growth of 1.2%. New forecast experts explain the decrease in yield due to unfavorable weather.

UN agency also predicts a sharp decline in global grain stocks and urges countries to increase production to restock.

"International prices could rise even more if production of food, primarily corn, soybeans and wheat, in the next year does not increase significantly, "- warn the authors of the report.



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